Dear Muslims of New Zealand

Thank you. Dear Muslims of New Zealand… Thank you! thank-you thank-you thank-you! We had visitors! After 6 weeks of lockdown we had our first visitors! They were New Zealand Policemen, and we’re so happy that we got to talk about our favourite subject, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters of New Zealand!

So I had to tell these lovely people how and why the site was started, where the information here came from, and what the purpose was. And they laughed when they discovered the far-right, racist, white-supremacist was on the look-out for an Arabic or Urdu speaking wife. So thank-you dear Muslims of New Zealand for an enjoyable morning.

Ironically we had zero information on their first questions. A week ago our paid hosting was terminated without warning, no doubt at your own local Islamic request. This left us with only a text and pictures backup, and without video links which were deleted from the hosting company propriety software.

This site was started after local Muslims asked us to check out Islam so we’d see it was the truth. As you can tell, we’ve honoured your request, and we’ve checked out Islam. And we’ve checked the beginnings of Islam as others saw it also. We respectfully suggest you do likewise. There’s enough resources on this site to save you a $100k student loan.

Our main support for this site comes from ex-Muslims, both in NZ and overseas. It’s financed  by ourselves, approx US$2kpa, but this will double with new hosting provider. We spend about US$1500pa on research texts. The odd donation arrives via our paypal.

So, dear Muslims of New Zealand, we do thank you. Over the last two years we’ve had many visits from various Government officials at your request. Beginning in March 2019 each visit by a couple of people for between an hour and three hours at a time. We stopped counting when the number of these visits hit a dozen.

Apparently the government is under sharia to investigate every phone call it gets about anyone who tells the truth about Islam or quotes from the Quran, sirah or hadiths. We do this frequently as it relates to local events. And this sharia was exactly what the leader of Islamic State here in NZ wished for, and his wishes were backed by the Federation of Terrorists in Aotearoa New Zealand (FIANZ), so obviously represent the majority of Muslims here in NZ.

We estimate these visits to us have cost the Kiwi taxpayer in excess of $100k already in these last two years, by the time reports are written, discussed and filed, their vehicle expenses paid, etc.

Since each visit follows the same pattern, with similar questions, it’s time we made it easier for everyone, including yourselves, dear Muslims of New Zealand. Next time you feel like calling the police or your local MP about something on this site, just refer them to this website page and save them the travel time and save us taxpayers money.

For the purpose of this exercise this will only be a hyperlinked outline with the issues we discussed. You can find more detail about the issues and events by clicking the links which are mostly to news archived on this site. The personal names we talk about will be left out, unless they are media common knowledge. Here’s an arrangement of the topics we talk about that will be easier to follow:

Intro: the Quran
History of terror support and Islamisation in NZ.
The Christchurch shooting
The LynnMall Islamic terrorist attack
Solution to NZ terrorist ideology

Intro: the Quran

First off, the most important thing to know about Muslims is their book, which tells them 2.225 Allah does not impose blame on you for what is unintentional in your oaths, 66.2 Allah has already ordained for you the dissolution of your oaths, etc. Muslims can say whatever they want, as long as they seek the advancement of an Islamic State. And while these two passages refer specifically with dealing with women, the rest of the Quran is little different.

This also explains why Muslims in almost every sector of British society, from school teachers, social workers, police, media, medical staff and politicians were all involved in the cover up of England’s grooming gang scandals. Over one million white British school girls were raped over several decades and this didn’t even make NZ media. In 2014 a book was published, EASY Meat, by a journalist who felt guilty. Those British police, media, etc. that did speak out were either fired or dispensed with. Everyone became afraid to speak out as they were called racist. Girls complaints were ignored, somewhat like what’s been happening here in NZ also.

A side note; we usually tell the police that we were out protesting against the UK Govt and media coverup of child sexual abuse back in 2018, and had opposition here on Queen Street outside the British Consulate from the refugee Green MP and that real estate agent, ex trade unionist, who always tells everyone he knows all about them because he is a genius computer hacker and is in with the Paparoa crew.

back to Quran: Quran is the basis for sharia. Everyone needs to read the Quran, Biography and Sayings of the prophet. These are the earliest records Muslims have available to them that set the record for Islamic behaviour. You need to read them because 60% of Quran is how to treat the Kaffur (non-believers including Jews and Christians).

Quran 3.28 Let not believers take disbelievers as allies [i.e., supporters or protectors] rather than believers. And whoever [of you] does that has nothing [i.e., no association] with God, except when taking precaution against them in prudence. *103 And God warns you of Him self, and to God is the [final] destination. *103 When fearing harm from an enemy, the believer may pretend as long as his heart and intention are not effected.

5.51 O you who have believed, do not take the Jews and the Christians as allies. They are [in fact] allies of one another. And whoever is an ally to them among you – then indeed, he is [one] of them. Indeed, God guides not the wrong-doing people.

Their hatred of Israel is still as visible today, with many people featured on this site marching up Queen Street earlier this year calling for the destruction of Israel.

And we could go on but the Quran is not the book of peace Muslims claim, but, as you can see, they are supposed to lie to gain favour. Read it for yourselves.

This is a favourite of the local youth radicals that they justify by saying that David ate the shew bread from the Temple: 24.29 There is no blame upon you for entering houses not inhabited in which there is convenience* for you. *Some benefit such as rest, shelter, commodities, one’s personal belongings, etc.

According to Muslims, Quran is the unchanged eternal words of Allah. The Quran says that if it has any contradictions it’s not from Allah. Scholars say the contradictions are because of two different periods, so the eternal word of Allah planned to obsolete it’s earlier half with it’s later half. But Muslims still try and use the earliest revealed parts to justify their peaceful behaviour.

The Quran equates following Muhammad with following Allah, obeying Muhammad is obeying Allah. Muhammad is supposedly the perfect example.  The problem is, in foreign countries, you’re still expected to contribute to the war zone  8:72. Indeed, those who have believed and emigrated and fought with their wealth and lives in the cause of God and those who gave shelter and aided – they are allies of one another.

Over half of Islamic narrative of their prophet is his violent and bloody war, the rest is dealing with slaves and sex issues marriage and divorce. Muhammad had 11 wives and countless sex slaves, married his adopted son’s wife, and his close friends daughter at 6 years old. This is the basis for sharia law around the world, and practiced here in NZ also.

Sharia is based on the Quran, and the sharia law retailed here in NZ is sickening to say the least.

Islam and sharia is a totally different world to anything western people can imagine. In 1400 years they have not stopped Female genital Mutilation, sanctioned by the prophet, until they came to NZ, and even then we had to change our laws to help them stop. Some local Muslims will say it’s only a small snip, for health reasons like male circumcision was. Others will deny it ever happened, because Quran says they can lie. You can catch them out because when you quote the hadiths they come up with the rehearsed answer others use.

Still other local Muslims will argue that the Arabic is taken out of context or interpreted wrong. This opens a whole another can or worms, because the Arabic of the Quran is the worst sort of Arabic, with at least 37 different current Arabic Qurans available for purchase online.

A side note: you can join the 100th anniversary celebrations of the completion of the eternal Quran at

Islam is a different world, and there’s only one way to understand this concept and that’s to read the Quran yourself! Please do! If you’re still excited, read the hadiths, they’re even more entertaining!

History of terror support and Islamisation in NZ.

Everything was going well until the Saudi’s got upset that NZ has signed a trade deal with Iran, that was working well for both NZ and Iran. The Wahabi terror organisation World Muslim Leauge worked with NZ trade unions to make a several generations of Maori unemployed from our freezing works at the same time. The unions brought in Fijian Muslims to replace them. The song Poi-E was written of those times.

The Federation of terrorism in Aotearoa New Zealand (FIANZ) then started bringing in overseas radicals to wake up the sleepy locals,  touring many others between the handful of towns and cities with a mosque to recruit. We became a haven for international terrorists, and in 2003 Patrick Gower covered his first Islamic jihadi after a allah akbar attack terror attack here in NZ.

Meanwhile our first Islamic MP refuses to vote against prostitution because he knew his prophet traded in sex slaves. Again, Muslims deny Muhammad ever did this, and when you show them the hadiths, they use their planned speeches to excuse it.

Islamic gang violence on the streets escalate and Muslims take advantage of the cultural differences in the courtroom. Similar patterns and defenses to overseas. The Algerians have found out how soft our legal system is and enter illegally en mass. Ahmed Zaoui becomes a household name a the government leaks that it traded information of his citizenship.

The NZ media start writing sympathy pieces for muslims to counter the truth of their religion. But they can’t hold is for long as Isaac makes nations headlines.

Maori prison inmates, many of them gang members, are converting to a militant, politicised brand of Islam, raising concerns among sections of the Muslim community.

Converts are being drawn to the faith through anti-Pakeha sentiment and a fascination with al Qaeda and the radical chic of African-American Muslim icons such as Malcolm X. “The ones coming in, their reasons are they admire Osama bin Laden,” says Te Amorangi Izhaq Kireka-Whaanga, leader of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association. “They think it’s all about fighting Europeans.”

An Islamic convert of seven years and a staunch Maori nationalist, he sees tino rangatiratanga as a jihad, and says Islam is the perfect vehicle for Maori nationalism.”

NZ Mosques sent young men overseas for study, marriage and ‘service’. Some got killed by US drone strike in Yemen, most got back into NZ undetected. Christchurch was always a haven for terrorist recruitment training and financing. Same with Avondale, now known as Blockhouse Bay Mosque.

The radicals travelled freely up and down the country recruiting, living from mosque to mosque. It was revealed back account were funnelling money to ISIS, however more left $9900 at a time with each person who travelled.

Honour killings become a noticable issue, with a Pakistani taxi driver driver slaughtering his wife and daughter halal style after they met with an Anglican vicars wife. His imam gets on national radio and says he can’t explain it because he’s a good Muslim. Of course he is. Muhammad dictates death to apostates. NZ Muslims deny this, until you show them the verses, then they give you their prepared excuses, always the as every other NZ Muslims excuse. Dear Muslims of New Zealand, please stop offering excuses for the behaviour of your perfect role-model of a man.

See also: Hammer assault: Auckland Muslim who beat wife allowed to walk free and honour beating live streamed online from NZ.

NZ’s Islamic State leader ranks in the worlds Top 500 Muslims because of his ISIS recruitment and Maori halal tourism industry initiatives. Halal generates millions for the Federation of Terrorist Aotearoa New Zealand (FIANZ). Even fellow Top 500 SBW can’t hide his radical links. Islam is the same all over the world.

Australia are complaining that terrorists are using NZ as an immigration back door, but it won’t be until 2021 when they start to export them back to NZ.

Local Muslims say Islam is a religion of peace. Islam was never a religion of peace. Local Muslims claim Jesus was a jihadi. Kiwi Muslim academics say Muslims who don’t live in peace around the world are not real Muslims, while simultaneously saying Islam is the fastest growing religion. Which incidentally, was the boast that triggered the Christchurch shooting.

The Christchurch shooting

Dear Muslims of New Zealand, please read the Royal Commission report. You’ll see that no white person from New Zealand had anything to do with it. We have been visited many many times, had our phones investigated, had our lives investigated every time you squeaked. Our friends have been harassed about their associations, and all this time you’re still training and financing killers to follow Muhammad and follow the Quran…

It’s YOU, dear Muslims of New Zealand, who claim he visited YOUR mosque, so we have to ask YOU what did YOU say that convinced him YOU were like all the terrorists that he had witnessed overseas?

Please read that again: It’s YOU, dear Muslims of New Zealand, who claim he visited YOUR mosque, so we have to ask YOU what did YOU say that convinced him YOU were like all the other terrorists that he had witnessed overseas? I asked the police this, they didn’t know. You record your speeches right? Video if I recall, so he should show up in the crowd. How about letting us know what was said in the message that week?

Please read the Royal Commission report, you’ll see Islamic terror attacks motivated the attack. So why are you trying to punish us for what Muslims do overseas? If the international Muslim community is mature enough to honestly admit Muslims need to talk about what they do that radicalises the West, why can’t you?  Can’t you see that labelling us ‘far-right’ just because we object to child marriage, sharia law and a prophet you can’t prove existed doesn’t make us wrong, it just makes you look desperate to defend yourselves and your beliefs.

As the General Secretary of one of the worlds largest Islamic organisations points out:

“There is a desperate need for honest discussion of these matters. This is why it worries me to see Western political and intellectual elites weaponise the term “Islamophobia,” to short-circuit analysis of a complex phenomenon that threatens all humanity. For example, it is factually incorrect and counter-productive to define Islamophobia as “rooted in racism,” as proposed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims. In reality, it is the spread of Islamist extremism and terror that primarily contributes to the rise of Islamophobia throughout the non-Muslim world.”

So in the last two year’s you’ve managed to convince everyone you’re peaceful, and are instead promoting the cultural Marxist dream to join with everyone else to overthrow those in power and authority. We’re all in this together you say.

So now Muslims in NZ are trying to change our laws to stop us speaking out about all of this, and answering their nonsense behaviour.

Dear Muslims of New Zealand who started, promoted and financed the Paparoa team, please be aware that it’s obvious that the same people who support your page are the same who support the Al-Qaeda, Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, Islamic State etc. This is easy for anyone is the police to see by just checking your posts.

Yet Muslims of New Zealand you’re still pumping out all of your hatred against white people, encouraging dhimmi like Patrick Gower to make movies venting all of your hurt, so we’re now left asking, did your movie with Gower trigger the Lynmall Terrorist?

The LynnMall Islamic terrorist attack

Dear Muslims of new Zealand, why do you want police to visit me after your own flesh, Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, has committed such a horrible act of Quran? I didn’t know either, so, as you can see above, I have provided these two new on the case policemen with some background information.

No one who has read Quran believes Jacinda. We know you do not believe Jacinda either. You claim you don’t know why he attacked, so here is why:

3:138. This [Qur?an] is a clear statement to [all] the people and a guidance and instruction for those conscious of God. 139. So do not weaken and do not grieve, and you will be superior if you are
[true] believers. 140. If a wound should touch you ? there has already touched the [opposing] people a wound similar to it. And these days [of varying conditions] We alternate among the people so that God may make evident those who believe and [may] take to Himself from among you martyrs ? and God does not like the wrongdoers ? 141. And that God may purify the believers [through trials] and destroy the disbelievers. 142. Or do you think that you will enter Paradise while God has not yet made evident those of you who fight in His cause and made evident those who are steadfast?
143. And you had certainly wished for death [i.e., martyrdom] before you encountered it, and you have [now] seen it [before you] while you were looking on.

2:191. And kill them wherever you overtake them and expel them from wherever they have expelled you, and unbelief is worse than killing.

2:193. Fight them until there is no [more] unbelief and [until] religion [i.e., worship] is [acknowledged to be] for God.

And there are over 100 other passages in Quran which instruct the same or harsher punishments. You know being killed while on jihad is the only guarantee for heaven.  And don’t try quoting hadith that says his heart must be in the right place, it obviously was!

Now let’s look at why he was so bold, why did this attack happen now?

1. Muslims like Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen know they can commit crimes here in NZ and remain anonymous. He knew this, he’s been watching his mates around NZ get away with stuff for decades.
2. No Islamic nations, or even major Islamic organisations poke out against the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. There were no major press releases from local Muslims saying people shouldn’t sell two black slaves for the price of one white one in the 21st century like their prophet did. Sharia law is still the flavour of the month.
2. Over the last decade, as we have seen above, the NZ media have been encouraging people in NZ like the LynnMall Terrorist.
3. We have known for decades and now Muslims in NZ admit laws cannot stop NZ based jihadi. Why do you think this is? Because Quran Sirah and Hadith program people to believe NZ laws are evil, and all they have to do is follow sharia. So how can NZ expect Muslims to abide by their laws when Islamic religion tells Muslims to follow Muhammad.
4. It’s extremely encouraging to extremists here in NZ like Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen saw that the decades of Islamic terrorist recruitment and funding and the massive social upheavals generated by their supporters was in no way to blame for the Christchurch shooting.
5. Gower’s doco promoting white hatred possibly gave him the extra boldness and why he chose to only attack white people.

Will it happen again, of course it will. We didn’t see the Federation of Terrorist Aotearoa New Zealand (FIANZ) even acknowledge it, let alone issue a press release telling local Muslims to not follow the Quran.

When you read all of this you can understand how much we enjoyed talking to the police right? after two years of being harassed like a criminal because you told me to check out your religion and we don’t appreciate constantly hearing stories from my female friends how they are abused and hurt! Almost 20 years later and they are still in mental health!

Dear Muslims of New Zealand, even your own apologists admit after the LynMall attack, the problem with Islam is Islam. So what’s the solution?

Solution to NZ terrorist ideology

We’ve already seen above that, if you’ve read the links, all NZ Muslim associations and many of the mosques have been involved in bring radical preachers into the country. Even the great so-called Imam of peace from Australia failed to answer a simple question correctly while he was at Auckland uni. When asked what someone should do if he heard terrorist supporting preaching at their local mosque, he laughed and said they can just change mosque. From his reply we can tell that this ideology is so normal in the Islamic world view he didn’t even think this sort of think should be reported to western authorities.

Anjam Rahman is a huge defender of radical Islam here in New Zealand, and in 2019 had previously spoken out in sympathy of the LynnMall terrorist Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen and others like him who were sitting in our jails: “We know that there are young men that were jailed in this country for sharing Isis videos. We know that there are at least 30 or 40 men that lost their passports and right to travel and we didn’t hear or see any free speech coalition. We didn’t see lots of funding go to them. We didn’t see anyone jumping up to defend the right to share videos.”

So, dear Muslims of New Zealand, we are sure you may have to agree with us that the answer is not more of the same.

Can we suggest that you step back and think about what made you want to become a Muslim?

Can we suggest that you read the Quran for yourself, and as you read it ask if it matches what your imam says about it?  Is it really an error free book? Is it really the eternal word of Allah, unchanged? It’s not clear Arabic language at all, and Islamic scholars admit they are unsure of the meanings of some words, which is why there is still at least 37 different Arabic Qurans. Why does everyone have to lie to defend the Quran?

Is Muhammad really the perfect example of a man? Why does everyone have to lie to defend him?

The Quran says God’s Word is eternal, and that God has a Spirit, but the Arabic Quran also says that Jesus is God’s Word. The Gospels say that as well. Have you read the Gospels? Or just books about the Gospels?

One of the marks of Christianity is that there were a lot of other people around the area writing about what was happening during that first century. These works are still available and generally verify the details in the scriptures.

There were also a lot of people writing about what was going on during the seventh century. These works are also still available. They do not verify what the Standard Islamic Narrative (S.I.N) says. Even Islamic scholars are starting to admit there is holes in the standard narrative.

If Muhammad existed, shouldn’t there be some evidence of this?

Education is the key to ending Islamic terrorism.

Yes, we know not all Muslims here in NZ are terrorists, we regularly hear from those who have converted to Christianity by are too scared to take off the hijab or profess their faith lest they lose their job or their life overseas. It’s common to hear that Muslims here have to pay up to save a foreign family members life. Ex-Muslims in NZ do not trust the police with their issues because from the media it appears the police are on the Islamic side.

And no, dear Muslims of New Zealand, we don’t want to ban the Quran, we want to talk with you about it.

After all, if it claims to have God’s instructions about how we should be treated, shouldn’t we be able to verify if it’s claims of divine inspiration are true? Since much of the Quran has been borrowed from Aramaic and Syrian Christian writings, with Jesus’s name directly replaced by Muhammad’s name, shouldn’t we be able to compare these two men? Especially since you claim Allah and Muhammad will be judging everyone on the last day!

We now know which parts of the Quran have been borrowed and mistranslated from which other Syriac and Aramaic literature at the time. Poetry is a very messy thing to translate while maintaining rhyme and rhythm, which is why so much of the Quran doesn’t make grammatical sense. Even your own scholars in centuries past spent a lot of time discussing these things. We were really excited when we were showing the police these books detailing how the Aramaic poetry had been changed into Arabic. They were laughing at how excited we were about it all.

Truth. Such a simple solution.

In the Gospels Jesus says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

Just before they left, the police also asked what we thought of this government. We replied that it’s the churches fault such a godless government was elected. Covid is as much a judgement on the church who has left Jesus as anyone. We all need to repent!

One of their final questions was “aren’t you afraid for saying all of this”, I replied that as they could can tell, Islam’s the same all over the world, following the same book, they kill people like me, it’s just what they do, they’re Muslims.


  1. Confirm all the Facts presented above – from lived experience in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Dubai, Bahrain, Great Britain, France, USA and here in New Zealand. There is nowhere in the World where islam goes that war does not follow. It is a manipulated clash of civilisations. There is only one way to vet muslims, you ban them and then you deport them.

  2. My response to the Mosque shootings was to read the Koran for the second time. Just because I was raised Catholic, doesn’t mean I don’t like to educate myself and understand my neighbour. I thought about sending the cowardly loser in jail a postcard thanking him for motivating me, but he’s not worth the price of a postage stamp- so I didn’t bother.

    1. So what did you think of the koran, what about the child marriage divorce laws in it? what about the constant calls to violence about Christians and Jews?

  3. My reply would be: I don’t answer questions, the police have proven themselves to be as corrupt as the courts. Therefore the NZ Government is also by fact, a Corporation. As people with a higher law (The Biblical law), we do not comply with any agent or Government of this country.

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