What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?

The overseas media narratives of the Christchurch mosque shooting on March 15 2019 was so remarkably different than that of the NZ media narrative. We are therefore obligated to ask “What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?”. Her desperate and soon to be global ‘hate speech’ laws affect everyone. For what reason and by who’s authority did these… Continue reading What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?

New Zealander leads Taliban PR

That Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a New Zealander, leads Taliban PR, is in no way a surprise. The faithful Muslims of Hamilton have long been involved in sponsoring terrorism for several decades, as this website testifies. NZ is one of the few Western countries where Muslisms can freely fund raise and the trade unions mobilise a… Continue reading New Zealander leads Taliban PR

Dear Muslims of New Zealand

Thank you. Dear Muslims of New Zealand… Thank you! thank-you thank-you thank-you! We had visitors! After 6 weeks of lockdown we had our first visitors! They were New Zealand Policemen, and we’re so happy that we got to talk about our favourite subject, the Islamic terrorists and their supporters of New Zealand! So I had… Continue reading Dear Muslims of New Zealand

Laws cannot stop NZ based jihadi

The New Zealand Muslim community are united in believing laws cannot stop NZ based jihadi from following their prophets instructions. Muslims are hurt that they are not allowed to practice thier religion as their prophet instructs in their sacred book. All Muslims in New Zealand pledge to follow and imitate Muhammad in much the same… Continue reading Laws cannot stop NZ based jihadi

TVNZ have forgotten Maori ISIS contributions

In a July interview with Action Zealandia spokesperson, NZ state broadcasters TVNZ appear to have forgotten the Aotearoa Maori Islamic State contributions to shaping the current New Zealand political scene. The interview has appeared on the Odysee platform released by Actions Zealandia with the following description:  “After our latest flyer drop, a Maori Journalist, Bronson… Continue reading TVNZ have forgotten Maori ISIS contributions