NZ PM to fulfil Islamic State leaders request.

A screenshot from the NZ ISIS leaders facebook page.
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Barely a week after the Christchurch shooting, Te Amorangi Kieka-Waanga (a.k.a. Isaac) was calling for sharia based justice administered by local Muslims for Brenton Tarrant. The New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in consultation with FIANZ who initially sponsored the growth of AMMA, have granted his request, showing that Kieka-Waanga does indeed represent majority Islam in NZ.

Kieka-Waanga is the appointed leader of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, and Islamic State in New Zealand. He has been at one time one of the world’s influential Top 500 Muslims, along with Sonny Bill Williams, and the previous leader of the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ (FIANZ). Kieka-Waanga was also heavily involved with FIANZ while developing their Maori Halal initiative during his time at Avondale mosque. It was during this time over a decade ago that Kieka-Waanga travelled NZ, expenses paid, often with others from Avondale, building up his army of followers which included recruits from his prison volunteering. Some of these new recruits took up the offer of paid air fares overseas to study Islam in time for the Arab Spring uprising. Others stayed to become keyboard warriors, helping out at the ‘join Islam’ dawa stands around the country, often promoted by FIANZ.

The connections between our local mosques and local fighting jihadi is always downplaying by NZ media, but the presence of NZ recruits have been an important part of morale for other foreign Islamic State fighters in Syria. The millions FIANZ earns from Halal fees from Maori tourism and food production contributes to the purchasing of unused churches around the country to cater for new immigrants and those gained from the local recruitment drives.

A month after the Christchurch shooting FIANZ issued it’s terms, in accordance with sharia law, for the government investigation.

Their requests, mirroring Isaac’s, have this far been closely followed by the New Zealand Prime Minister, with her direction to the NZ Police, GCSB / SIS, and with the secret investigation of the Royal Commission. Foreign Muslims are being showered with residency and welfare unlike any other group from any similar shooting in the world previously. New Zealand has gone overboard questioning, with a million dollar budget, every white person that makes a facebook post that questions Islamic supremacism or reveals how the crime patterns happening overseas are also happening here in New Zealand.

Any ethnic or non-white skinned coloured person, or woman, sharing the same facebook posts, or posting the same questioning rhetoric, are ignored. Interestingly, most opposition to Islam here in New Zealand, both on facebook and on the street, comes from those who have fled Islam overseas, from non-Christian groups who have suffered most in Islamic lands; the Atheists, Hindus and Sikhs.

It’s time New Zealand stopped pandering to the Islamic extremists wishing to extend sharia law to New Zealand. Local Muslims have drawn all of New Zealand into this with the accusations contained in their terms, so all New Zealanders deserve to know why the foreigner attacked these other foreigners on NZ soil. We have seen what 1400 years of sharia law has achieved, we cannot entrust it with one of our largest investigations to date.


  1. Yup enough pandering. Too many legal abiding citizens are now deemed thought criminals. Making us all guilty before proven innocent or forced to bow down to re-educationing.

    Do you see any of us Jews or Christians for that matter making hate speech claims when they incite harm or push their fake news and derogetory against Jews and Christians?

    Our police are being used and blatantly. So there needs to be an independant investigation in to the conflict of interest around FIANZ controlling them and the narrative. Our police are now no more than Hitlers brown shirts doing exactly the same thing. Hitlers germany forbid anyone criticising the fueher. Fast forward to today. You cant criticise Islam or the Commies/Socialists.

    Sad to say if 2020 doesnt pick up. Our nation has already fallen, like Tommy Robinson said. Its just a domino effect.

    Ive said it for a while. Either America has to invade or the people need to wake up and vote. Keep redpilling!

  2. It is breaking my heart to see what is happening in your beautiful country. Don’t let Jacinda sell you out any further – fight back if you want to see your daughters grow up to be strong women and not Islamic slaves. Good Luck – we have a fight here also

  3. Why dont these people go back where they came from instead of trying to force there way into our lives. They left there country for a reason. Wake up Kiwis. We need to get rid of our prime minister

  4. As a christian fled from a Shariah Law Islamic country, NZ don’t know what coming their way from Islam and Sharia Law. Our new cute fairy tale PM and her fairy godmother have handed over NZ sovereignty to UN. Your Grandfather gave their lives for NZ and I am piss off and sad that this generation irresponsible NZ PM have just thrown it all away and invited Terrorist Muslim Brother hood permanently in NZ. Just look at these Benefits Islam and Sharia law brings . Benefit of Shariah Law in Marriages and Divorce , ( NZ muslim tying to convert NZ PM ) and “Why ISLAM is good for Western countries ” .

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