Auckland terrorist retains anonymity

Yet another North Auckland terrorist retains anonymity today just weeks after earlier North Shore terrorist’s name was withheld from the public. The pathetic excuse given as to why this Auckland terrorist retains anonymity reveals that this government knows there is nothing they can do or say to change what he believes.  Instead this government just… Continue reading Auckland terrorist retains anonymity

Muslim now identifies as far-right

“She didn’t even get to speak, they didn’t even let her speak, she didn’t speak”. Today a Muslim now identifies as far-right after witnessing the horrifically violent take down of British Woman’s Right’s campaigner Posie Parker during the Auckland, New Zealand, Let Women Speak tour. That wasn’t trans free speech, that was trans free violence,… Continue reading Muslim now identifies as far-right

Academics creating a ‘far-right’ narrative

The problem with these politically left academics creating a ‘far-right’ narrative void of any actual reality is that, while they still get paid, nothing in society changes because they are not a reflection of the reality of society. Their story is below entitled “The road to March 15th” Here are some facts ignored by these… Continue reading Academics creating a ‘far-right’ narrative

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Auckland terrorist ready for martyrdom

It was decided in court today that an Auckland terrorist ready for martyrdom should be sentenced to only 2 1/2 years in prison. The name suppression shows the privilege ISIS sympathisers have with this Labour Government. Local Auckland Muslims at the suburban markets will tell you that their Holy Quran is clear and without contradiction,… Continue reading Auckland terrorist ready for martyrdom

Clark defends terror fundraising

In FEAR, his newly released book, Byron Clark defends terror fundraising efforts while claiming The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was peaceful. Byron Clark writes: “As I young man I believed, incorrectly, that the group had put down their weapons and joined the peaceful political process, like the ANC in South Africa or… Continue reading Clark defends terror fundraising