1. For those wishing to pursue hate speech accusations against this website…

2. Since the Koran is to be used as a basis to determine hate speech, the Koran must first be proven to be what modern Muslims claim it to be – the eternal unchanged words of their god via Mohammad which itself claims that it is easy and clear to understand.

3. This assessment should include western academic scholarship methodologies, taking into account all available source and academic literature from the early Zoroastrian/ Hebrew/ Christian/ Saracen periods until today, including all early manuscripts currently proposed as evidence by Islamic scholars for their claims.

4. Once the original Arabic text has been provided and authenticated as claimed (in 2 above), from the more than 2 dozen different Arabic texts available today, then either:

5. If the Koran is not what they claim it to be (2 above), there is no basis for any accusation against this website.

6. If it can be established that there are no HOLES IN THE NARRATIVE, then this Christian based site must be judged according to the Koran, which claims it is clear to understand.

7. The Koran clearly says that Christians are to judge the truth by the Gospels (ie: the Gospels that were around at the time of Mohammad), which the Koran also clearly says are accurate and the eternal unchanged Word of God.

8. Note that we know exactly what text of the Gospels was used by the church at that time because we have hundreds of copies and thousands of quotes in early literature by the 8th century, and:

9. There can be no dispute about the Gospels authority as the valid word of God to judge these matters without calling into dispute the Koranic claims about the Gospels (6 above) and therefore it’s own authenticity and expose the claims of modern Muslims (2 above) as fraudulent.

10. The Koran also clearly says that Christians should act as they are taught by the Gospels.

11. The Koran also clearly says that if anyone has any questions about what is written therein, they should consult the CHRISTIAN or Jewish scholars (not Islamic ones!) who had the word of God before the Koran came about.

12. Therefore, as the Gospels clearly demonstrate the Deity of Christ (eg: in honour, attributes, deeds, names, seat), and

13. Christ clearly rebuked those falsely claiming to represent Himself or His Father, even to the point of mocking and ridiculing them and their heresies, false assumptions, false practices and false claims, all the time instructing His disciples to do as they had witnessed Him doing.

14. Therefore if this website is not doing what Christ requested His followers to do, in the way He showed them how to do it, then:

15. According to the Koran, which tells us it is clear and easy to understand, each man should be left to his own religious practices, and:

16. According to the Koran, which tells us it is clear and easy to understand, Muslims should in no way aggravate those who do not believe in their religion, lest those who disbelieve their religion mock their religion on account of Muslim aggression.

4th day of the 4th year of the reign of Horse.
New Zealand

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