Jacinda Ardern we don’t believe you!

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This petition requests that the NZ Prime Minister makes both the submissions and findings of the Royal Commission into the March 15 Christchurch Mosque event publicly available, where necessary blanking only the personal individual’s names of those who have made submissions.

This inquest has been financed by taxpayers money, so Jacinda, in accordance with your personal promises to deliver an open and transparent government, we request that you make these finding openly and publicly available to the New Zealand taxpayers who have financed this inquest.

We do not believe the current government narrative being spread by NZ media, either that Tarrant acted alone, or that he was acting on behalf, or otherwise representing, New Zealand or Australian based ‘nationalist’ or ‘right wing’ political type groups.

This Royal Commission report does affect ordinary New Zealand taxpayers because New Zealand based groups (such as FIANZ, Islamic Woman’s Council of NZ, Stuff, Newsroom & the like) have publicly held ordinary Kiwi’s accountable for the March 15 event, resulting in the curtailing of open dialogue and various other civil rights, and many thousands of visits to ordinary New Zealander’s by police, SIS, GCSB, media investigators, etc.

This process of demonisation and investigation has already resulted in both loss of life, and loss of income and serenity, for many otherwise ordinary Kiwis.

So Jacinda, we, the undersigned (private detail withheld from public), respectfully ask that the fruits of our taxpayer dollars be made publicly available, as evidence of your personal integrity in your campaign promises to this nation before you were elected.

It should be noted that because the New Zealand Government, and New Zealand based Islamic groups, have made March 15 an international event, with international ramifications on open dialogue and civil rights, that this petition is open to an international audience.



  1. I totally agree, all should be made public to me as a taxpayer and the rest of New Zealand working people some who have been searched and investigated in relation to the massacre .
    This government spoke about being open and transparent , now is the time

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