LynnMall terrorists friends knew

The LynnMall terrorists friends knew of his attack planning and motivations to target women, a.k.a. Devil, as per FIANZ/ Sunni Islam which quotes Muhammad who frequently associated women with the devil, as in the following hadiths: (These saying of the prophet are ‘sahih’ – the most trustworthy!) The woman advances and retires in the shape… Continue reading LynnMall terrorists friends knew

Refugee killer devil possessed?

Was Zakariye Mohamed Hussein , the latest refugee killer devil possessed as NZ media states? Or is this ordinary Islam? The stuff article appears below. According to FIANZ / Sunni flavoured Islamic teachings, it is normal for Satan to reside inside each Muslims nose overnight. Allah’s Messenger said: “When one of you wakes up from… Continue reading Refugee killer devil possessed?

Stabbed Christchurch womans funeral held

Although this stabbed Christchurch womans funeral held is long over, still nothing is published on who or why this tragedy happened. This follows London’s trends of record knife crime, with all of the same ingredients. And daily, someone is being stabbed in Auckland. Quran 9:29 Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in… Continue reading Stabbed Christchurch womans funeral held