Questions for NZ Muslims.

In trying to answer the question of “are all Muslims the same in supporting an Islamic State?” , we should first ask some basic questions about what is taught in NZ mosques.


1. Which NZ mosques tell their members that they should not seek to be part of a world wide Muslim brotherhood/agenda/umma/state/community because Mohammed was wrong in trying to create one?

2. Which NZ mosques tell their members it is unnecessary to live by Sharia Law to be good Muslims?

3. Which NZ mosques tell their members not to follow the example of Mohammed in the Quran? (which is clear and without contradiction – because it if it wasn’t – it wouldn’t be from Allah would it? Quran says so!)

All NZ mosques teach all three aspects are important, and we see this demonstrated with their support of terrorist organisations overseas, and also receiving financial support from terrorist breeding foreign countries.

Hence the need for this site.

Islamic State Watch New Zealand

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