Questions for NZ Muslims

fired for islamaphobia, NZ media have been encouraging the Lynnmall Terrorist

In trying to answer the question of “are all New Zealand Muslims the same in supporting an Islamic State?” , we should first ask some basic questions for NZ Muslims about what is taught in NZ mosques.

1. Which NZ mosques tell their members that they should not seek to be part of a world wide Muslim brotherhood/agenda/umma/state/community because Mohammed was wrong in trying to create one?

2. Which NZ imams and mosque teachers tell their members it is unnecessary to live by Sharia Law to be good Muslims?

3. Which NZ mosques tell their members not to follow the example of Mohammed in the Quran? (which is clear and without contradiction – because it if it wasn’t – it wouldn’t be from Allah would it? Quran says so!)

4. Which NZ mosques refuse to support the halal food taxes funding the expansion of the Islamic community/state/umma/agenda here in New Zealand and overseas?

5. Which NZ mosques tell you that you would give up your foreign cultural practices and beliefs on arrival in New Zealand and adopt the local culture and beliefs?

All NZ mosques teach all five aspects are important, and we see this demonstrated with their support of terrorist organisations overseas, and also receiving financial support from terrorist breeding foreign countries.

Hence the need for this site.

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  1. Of course going down this road of truth now will soon be an extreme hate crime. We are living in perpetual fear over this covid hoax, but also the growing influence of Islam in our communities.
    We cannot criticize Islam for not only is that a crime under sharia, but a crime punishable by the state too.
    We have week leaders who bend over backwards to appease especially Islam. This is worldwide and here now to stay and grow.
    Academia, politicians and media are the enemy of them who demand freedom to be critical of everything. They are cowards and traitors.

  2. So ask Muslims some questions then. Get from behind a computer and talk to real life Muslims instead of making outlandish claims and tarring everyone with the one brush. There are hateful people in every society, country, religion throughout time! Get killed f your black, white, christian, muslim, Armenian, Jewish, assyrian, the crusades! You are so ignorant it baffles the mind

    1. Jokes on you keyboard Jihadi, because we’ve talked irl to everyone from Isaac to Zain, (both cameo in this site, and both are ‘nice’ people) and those in between, including the Aussie Imam of Peace, who’s a bit fake.

      And guess which side cherry picks the sources to present a fake view of their prophet, and which side argues from both the sources and history to honour their prophet?

      Afroz summed it up nicely when he laughed and said that if i didn’t like the terrorist/jihad style preaching here in NZ, I could just go to another mosque. Do you get why Mr keyboard jihadi? Do you understand why the great Imam of Peace said this? Because both represent the same allah/koran/caliphate. We’d like to point out to you that one side provides a more accurate picture than the other of their profit.

      And here in NZ, as you are well aware, both sides are sponsored by Saudi and Turkish cash, and FIANZ.

      So, our question to you Wes McGuniess, what do you find so attractive about the Saudi and Turkish religion? is it that they keep women in submission with the bash like Gamal Fouda advocates? or that you get 4 wives? or that your four wives can be children ?? ALL of these abhorrences are practised by moslems here in NZ, as the life of the prophet dictates should be done – so which one of these makes islam so attractive to you Wesley? What’s your favourite part of our government paying welfare to child brides and paying for their abortions? To us, Islam is a repulsive religion which offers nothing that is good new to society. You are free to disagree, but we’d like to know why you do.

  3. Islam is Allah and Muhammad.

    Allah is found in the Kotan, which is 17% of Islamic scripture by word count.

    Allah enjoins Muslims in the Koran almost 100 times in different suras to copy Muhammad in order to be the brst Muslim.

    Muhammad is found in tbe Sunna (his biography by Ibn Ishaq and the various Hadith collections which are authenticated narrative accounts of the sayings and doings of Muhammad handed down orally then recorded by scribes).

    This is the balance 83% of Islamic scripture.

    We learn from the Sunna that Muhammad’s ‘prophethood’ can be divided into two distinct parts.

    For the 13 years of preaching Islam, Muhammad lived in Mecca. Over that time, he made a grand total of around 150 converts by peaceful proselytising.

    Early on, Muhammad was saying things like “there is no compulsion in religion,” “a Muslim is one who walks the earth peacefully,” and “you have your religion and I have mine.”

    Towatds tbe end of that 13 years, angered because nobody was really listening to him, he began publicly abusing the Meccans, to such an extent that be ended up being told to go live elsewhere.

    Moving his followers over to Medina, Muhammad became a robber, a rapist, a pirate, a murderer, and a warlord.

    He started by attacking and plundering the commercial caravans of the Meccans. Once Muhammad began coming back with slaves and loot, all the low elements of Medina wanted to join on.

    “First say the Shahada and become a Muslim,” they were told.

    Once Muhammad had thousands of atmed men riding behind him, it soon became apparent that he’d been peaceful only because he was powerless.

    In the last nine years of his life, Muhammad mounted an unprovoked jihadist attack on his neighbors approximately evety six weeks in order to compel the adoption of Islam; steal their stuff if they resisted; and take the women of defeated resisters as sex slaves to hand out to Muslim men.

    After becoming a warlord, Muhammad changed Islam to reflect his newfound power; “you are commanded to fight until Islam is the only religion,” “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them,” “when you encounter the kuffaar [non-Muslims{ smite at their necks and cut off their hands and feet on opposite sides of the body” etc.

    Because it’s all in the Koran — the nice and the downright evil — it’s all ‘true’ because the original Koran –of which the earthly book is just a copy — is held inviolate in paradise with Allah.

    Muslims resolve this contradiction by making the revelations situational. The earliest suras chronologically are struck out or overwritten by the later suras.

    Muslims czll this ‘naskh’ which means ‘abrogation’ as per the words of Muhammad: “those verses which I take away, I bring ye a better or its like.”

    Following the words and example of Muhammad, Muslims are peaceful and nice when they are small in number, but once they are strong and numerous, they have a theological obligation to fight jihad in its various forms to make Islam supreme.

    You can see from this analysis that terrorists will always be generated by this belief system, and that this is mainstream Islam as understood and practiced by right-believing Muslims for more than 1400 years since the time of Muhammad.

    He told his followers; “I have been made victorious by terror, and while I was sleeping the keys to all the treasures of the world were brought to me and placed into my hand.”

    Every right-believing Muslim is required to believe that Islam will one day be the world’s only religion and that Allah’s shariah law will one day be the world’s only legal system.

    Since mass-scale conversions to Islam have only ever occurred at the point of a sword, surely they are obliged to tell us just how the expect Islam to attain what the Koran tells them is its rightful supremacy.

    Just as an aside, the Koran is rank hate speech. It tells Muslims that they are “the best of created beings” and the kuffaar are “worse than beasts” and a whole lot more degrading perjoratives.

    The Koran contains more anti-Semitism [hate speech] by word count than Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” e.g. “The day of judgement will not come until the very rocks and trees cry out ‘Oh Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and slay him!'”

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