FIANZ introduces terror networks to NZ

Islamics ransom NZ meat industry

In this press release in August 1979 the recently formed FIANZ introduces terror networks to NZ by bringing the World Muslim League and World Muslim Council to NZ industrial politics. The predominantly Saudi World Muslim League was founded to promote Wahhabi (the fundamental extremist) Islamic teachings globally.

Sadly, it was this decision that collapsed rural New Zealand, leading to the closure of most local freezing works and movement of rural Maori to the cities to compete with underpaid Island illegal immigrants for city jobs.

As you can see from the press release below, the strict enforcement of Sharia law in NZ was introduced at FIANZ’s discretion which prevented many rural Maori gaining their former positions in the newer much larger regional slaughter facilities that were constructed to face Mecca. The predominantly Christian Maori were not permitted to slaughter under sharia law, so FIANZ imported Islamic staff from the Pacific Islands, with the trade unions’ blessings.

This is that social upheaval that was recorded in song Poi-E, a social upheaval from which this country has never recovered. It was previously unheard of that a Western nation would trade in such a way with countries with such horrendous human rights abuses.

To clarify the term ‘human rights abuses’ we mean use of ‘sharia’ law. As an example, these marriage laws were publish by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Iran’s leader during this time of establishing our trade with his nation. This teachings further develops Quran 65:4 laws for divorcing little girl children.

from tahrir al wasilah

Who would have guessed that five decades later, this would be the state of the NZ meat industry? See: Pro-ISIS Muslim leader investigated after uploading gruesome footage to social media of a conscious sheep being slaughtered

3 August 1979

FIANZ Press Release.

Anger is mounting within the New Zealand Muslim community over a statement made on 1 August concerning the New Zealand delegation leaving for Iran. It was stated that the New Zealand Freezing Industry was sure they could find enough Muslims slaughtermen to slaughter lambs according to Islamic law. However, the Federation was not consulted at all by the Meat Industry.

Concern is mounting in New Zealand by NZ Muslims and also from Islamic bodies in Islamic countries who are aware that meat exports to these countries are not slaughtered (halal) according to Islamic law. Prior to a complete banning of imports of NZ meats to these countries the NZ Islamic Federation advises that the Meat Industry should organise itself as soon as possible before this coming slaughtering season to slaughter (halal) according to Islamic law. This same advice has been given for the last 5 years (by myself, as an exporter to the Middle East) as I foresaw that if NZ was to expand its meat exports to the Middle East Islamic slaughtering was a must. Unfortunately this advice was ignored and trade was jepodised. However it is not too late to introduce Islamic slaughtering before the coming to avoid a major incident of a complete band of NZ meats to Islamic countries.

The Islamic Federation will give its full support to implement halal slaughtering and will assist with Muslims slaughtermen, from amongst the Muslim community in NZ and if necessary from FIJI or other Islamic countries.

Organisation and certification cannot be done by individuals alone, it must be done through a body recognised by the World Muslim League, World Muslim Congress and all Islamic countries, such as the NZ Islamic Federation. Therefore, it is mystifying that the NZ Meat Industry can state that they are sure they can find enough Muslim slaughtermen if they have not contacted the NZ Islamic Federation concerning this urgent matter which can no longer be ignored for the interests of NZ.

If agreements with Iran are not reached for buying NZ meats other countries on the Arabian peninsula N with 150 million people 24 countries, are just as important markets, with the volume of tonnage and financial buying powers for NZ.

We think the government, Meat Board and unions are in favour of uniformity within the meat industry on halal slaughtering as required by Islamic law but a group of protectionists inside the Meat Exporters Council are prolonging the introduction of halal slaughtering. The Islamic Federation is concerned that some members of the Meat Industry have taken liberty to speak as an authority of Islam, but with wrong interpretations.

As trad has recently decreased in the Middle East two shipping lines have withdrawn their vessels from the area and a third has replaced large vessels with small ones as the markets have switched to other meat producing countries. Exports of NZ meats to the Middle East will increase through halal slaughtering, not only will volume increase enormously, but markets for other agricultural and manufactured goods will follow. If meats and agricultural products are jepodised in the area, manufactured goods will also be affected. It has taken manufacturers five years to establish markets in the Middle East for their products.

As it now exists payments for petroleum products puts NZ at a great disadvantage and financial burden. To achieve a balance of payments with the Middle East we must look to the area as a permanent market. NZ should also adopt a permanent policy, similar to that of the United Kingdom, United States and Japan, and should not look at the Middle East as a market of convenience.

MZ Krashiqi (president)
The federation of islamic associations of new zeaand.
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EAOE Appendix 3 Islam in NZ – Drury


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