Compile: the long history of faithful Canterbury muslims.

As another decade draws to a close, it’s worthwhile reviewing the contributions the faithful Canterbury Muslims, Muslim Association of Canterbury, has made to NZ over recent decades. New Zealand is a small country, where everyone knows everyone. And if you’re Islamic, and here for more than a decade, you would have met Te Amorangi Kieka-Waanga, (a.k.a. Isaac, Eden on fb), and understand that he is the average Mr Nice Guy muslim, willing to do anything for anyone. He and his team of prison recruits toured the country several times from when they were first based at the Avondale (now Blockhouse Bay) mosque. These men are now scattered at different mosques all throughout the country, easily finding work in the halal industry which discriminates by employing solely based on religion.

So let’s not forget the long history of the many radicals amongst Christchurch Muslims that have been supporting Kireka-Whaanga in his creation of a halal funded Islamic State here in New Zealand. After all, it was the Al-Noor crew that were instrumental in founding the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association aka Al-Qaeda in NZ, then proudly renamed Islamic State in NZ when it looked like they were winning ground:

2020: Rights of Husband ?? ?????   removed by Gamal from youtube.
2019: ‘One of us’ with bus packed with explosives.
2019: Saudi Arabia’s King invites 200 survivors &relatives of Chch shootings to Hajj
2019: Saudi money all through Chch Shooting saga.
2018: Kiwi teenager radicalised planned mass killing in Christchurch ‘for Allah’.
2016: Al-Qaeda releases tribute video of the Christchurch mosque recruits killed in drone strikes
2015: A foreign assessment of NZ’s contribution to the Islamic State
2014: Aotearoa Muslim is proud to support Isis  <  –  a dozen more radicals ID’d right there!
2014: An Al-Noor radicalised Kiwi lad’s death by drone – Daryl Jones
2014: The Deans Ave facility was partly funded by a $460,000 gift from the Saudi kingdom.
2012: Police justified in shooting knife-wielder – IPCA
2009: Treaty compatible with Islamic philosophy
2009: Mark Anthony Taylor visits Daryl Jones in Yamen.
2005: Peters knows from Christchurch that FIANZ funding al-Quaeda radical in NZ prisons.
2003: Muslim Association of Canterbury organised an Aotearoa Maori Muslim Day
1979: FIANZ introduces terror networks to NZ

Yes, there may be some faithful Canterbury muslims who do not want to live by sharia law in an Islamic type environment (Islamic State) but they will always be largely irrelevant in stopping the spread of sharia, as they are in every country when Islam is preached. They still proclaim Mohammad is the messenger of their god and the example to follow.

All of this was at one time available in the public domain, but because of the recent trends of internet bleaching (deleting) of truth, is archived here on as well. None of this history will be found on the faithful Canterbury Muslims website.


    1. Ad hominems don’t mean anything. Bring solid counter-evidence and build your case against what is written in the article.

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