Human Rights Bill submission

Our Human Rights Bill submission was filed today for the “Hate Speech” addition including religion.

In making this submission, we understand that there’s no chance that the Dunedin mosque that published the video that incited Tarrant’s shooting will be prosecuted, nor Patrick Gower for his encouragement of the LynnMall terrorist attack.

This is their acknowledgement:

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Human Rights Submission.

This submission is under the name of and will be hyperlinked to The author requests anonymity as family are still within the greater NZ Islamic community and could suffer backlash as is common in similar situations overseas when people speak out about Islam.

This law-change, adding the word ‘religion’, will achieve nothing but to silence the women and children who are already victims of Islamic oppression, along with silencing those speaking out against the global terror recruitment and fundraising network, here in New Zealand.

As Yasmine Mohammed wrote recently in her new book titled Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam,

It is important to remember that these ideas [bacha bazi boys, child marriage, marry your rapist laws pages 48-9] travel across borders. People with this mind set do not magically change their minds when they move to another country. Girls all over the world are subject to dehumanisation, even if it is not the law in the new country they reside in. This is why it is essential for Western countries to protect their young girls [and boys, page 48] citizens from the barbaric and archaic families and communities that engage in such atrocities. (page 49).

I felt the need to write this submission after meeting last year with a teen who was sold to be married at her local Kiwi mosque by her refugee parents who then left to their own country with the money, leaving her to be exported to Somalia with her new husband. Girls with a Kiwi passport are worth more in the overseas market, so the family trip to NZ as refugees had paid for itself many times over. She’d made a fuss at the airport because she knew if she was taken out she’d never get back in.

Ironically the NZ police would rather arrest her for speaking out against this Labour Government policy than prosecute the mosque who married her off a couple of years earlier after her parents sold her. Those who deny this happens in NZ are either ignorant or outright liars. Meanwhile multi-million dollar charity organisations hide these event’s from the NZ media and ordinary welfare services.

My experiences under this Labour government as detailed in this submission will show how New Zealand liberals have empowered radical Islam here in New Zealand and advocate that this law change to include religion is both unnecessary and dangerous to those most vulnerable here in New Zealand.


In September 2021 two members of the NZ police turned up on my doorstep. Apparently, according to local Muslims, (or the Islamic Police District Superintendent), I had incited Muhammad Samsudeen to commit the LynMall terrorist attack where several were injured in an Allah-akbar style knife attack from a known Islamic State supporter living in a mosque participating in an taxpayer funded Islamic program.

I’d incited a Muslim to follow the Koran? Really? It’s true according to Byron Clark!

I don’t know of anyone less likely than myself to advocate that anyone follows the 60% of the Koran that calls Muslims to emigrate and violently subjugate the globe for the sake of Mohammed’s teachings. Nor would I advocate that anyone follow the rest of the Koran that calls for the sexual subjugation of slaves and their own Islamic women. Nor would I advocate that anyone take any notice of the doctored historical information of the alleged period of Muhammed’s lifetime as detailed in the Koran.

It was no surprise that Muslims wanted to blame me for Samsudeen’s jihad attack. Two years earlier I’d had a similar door knock after the Christchurch shooting, because supposedly I’d allegedly motivated Brenton Tarrant.

Why was I to blame?

Over a decade ago I was told by the then leader of Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, when they were recruiting to send people overseas for training and ‘service’ just before what would ultimately be known as the Arab Spring uprisings, to check out Islam, and I would see it was all true.

After three years on the fringes, I’d refused to buy some stolen gear from my Islamic whanau and his Islamic mates (the Koran says it’s not a crime to steal from houses when no one is in them) and all my electronics were stolen. I’d been preparing to set up my own business. If you don’t support them, you’re obviously against them. Left with nothing, I embarked on a religious studies degree at Auckland University to seek ‘truth’. It was while studying Islam during this degree that the Maori Muslims changed their name to Islamic State of New Zealand and I realised that Islam is the same all over the world.

These experiences led to the beginnings of Islamic State Watch.

My experiences with this Labour government.

During this time I discovered how liberals in the UK had enabled the rapists of hundreds of thousands of English girls went without even an investigation, and I protested against the British government and British media cover-up of child sexual abuse in 2018. It was while outside the British embassy in Auckland that a NZ Member of Parliament and her former trade union mate tried to shut down this one person protest. People who passed by told me of similar things were happening here in NZ.

Incidentally 4 years later that same MP is acknowledging the ideology is a basis of terrorism!

Back in 2018 friends reminded me of their own experiences with foreigners, police denials, and then the mental health system. Foreigners love our prison and mental health system. They get treated like gods.

The more I spoke out, the more women here in Auckland came to me with their own stories. Opposition also increased from the Labour party trade union organisers who had started new gorilla protest groups based on overseas models to counter-protest.

The trade unions, Action Peace Action and others openly threatened violence to stop us trying to expose the UK government and media cover-up of child sexual abuse!

The tactics of the trade unionists were exactly the same as used in the UK to silence opposition to the government and media cover up of child sexual abuse: chants of ‘racists’ etc. and denials. That is all they had.

We also protested against the new immigration laws this Labour led government brought in which prevented us returning terrorist types back to their country of origin. I knew there were many here, I have been friends with some a decade earlier. In a class of 120 at Auckland university, the majority supported Hamas. Student leaders and academics led protests up central city streets against Israel.

The trade unions and mosque leaders have led protests up Queen Street calling for the destruction of Israel and death to Jews while chanting the traditional Muslim Brotherhood slogans, including “from the river to the sea…”. All of these labour government imported style protests are promoted by NZ media.

Why is this law change so harmful?

The many many visits by government officials for comments made about the history of Islam and Islam’s own historical documents have shown how this law is intended to work.

Local Muslims at the local weekend markets aggressively recruit using a variety of untrue statements while claiming to represent the same God as the Bible portrays. A degree majoring in religious history has given access to overseas resources to further study the history of Islam and the Koran itself. But to disagree with one of their untrue statements brings claims of hate speech, and a complaint to the police.

A complaint to the police by a Muslim results in a visit to me from the police. A now typical visit from the police is detailed here:

Quite simply, the Arabic Koran is not what either local imams, or those aggressively pushing it at local markets, claim it is. Anyone who’s read even an English Koran alongside of the Gospels can see the difference. Local Muslims claim the Bible is corrupt (incidentally, the Arabic Koran claims the author was holding the truth in his hands when he held the Torah and Gospels!). Yet the Arabic Koran printing by the Saudi’s is nothing more than a best guess compilation of the more than 30 various Arabic versions based on the 1924 compilation by scholar in Cairo. Not only is this documented fact, but it’s even published in the front of many Koran’s! Yet local Muslims still claim it’s the same as what’s apparently in heaven.

Stating these facts is enough to waste government time, with another two government officers coming out each time. And yet most Muslims can go to the Koran on their bookshelf and see the 1924 Cairo compilation Arabic edition mentioned in the introductory pages.

For comparison, the Christian New Testament is mostly now days translated from UBS4, a compilation of early Greek manuscripts by scholars. But I do not know of any Christians who will call the police accusing you of hate speech if you tell this to them. Likewise, I am not sure any Christians will go into a supermarket and try to kill a bunch of people by cutting their throats when they hear someone like me claims that the New Testament comes from a compilation of early Greek manuscripts. The Hebrew Bible has a similarly scholarly compile of early manuscripts.

Muslims also falsely claim Mohammed is found in the Bible. But if Machmadim (Songs 5:16) refers to Mohammed, then Ezekiel 24 tells us how “Mohammed” will be taken away and profaned by God because of [his] evil!

For Christians of the 7th century, an Aramaic title of Christ, the Blessed One, or the Cherished One, can be roughly translate in Arabic as today’s English word Mohammed. Hence, the inscription inside the dome of the rock was originally read by Christians as referring to Christ if read in Aramaic. Each time it’s re-written after an earthquake it’s had vowels and other additions made.

But Islamic claims about the Koran and Bible are only one issue the Muslims who aggressively try and convert you get wrong. Almost every aspect of Islamic expansion was documented by those who were being attacked.

Those reading the earliest history of Islam (ibn Ishaq) will notice that Mohammed is used for a title of Iraqi rulers, who incidentally met with Lord Gabriel according to Christian writings of the same period. The first Saracen conquerors all became Christians after miraculous answers to prayer, as documented in the Christian writings. Current Islamic stories just gloss over the first rightly guided leaders. Coins from the 7th century show them holding a Cross.

Syrian coin that dates from 686 or 687

But you guessed it. To mention this written in early Islamic and Christian sources is hate speech and earns another police visit! But it’s in their own literature!

Likewise sharia law, written in their own books, is for sale at Auckland Islamic suppliers via their website, advocating sexual intercourse with minors, with the marry your rapist and wash your ‘member’ being the only penalty. Unless you can sell her to someone else then she’s his problem. Now I can show the police these books, send them the website link, but they’re still advertised, no doubt available out the back for special customers.

Heavenly Ornaments p74 broken child passages Bahishti Zewar

Unbelievable that these sharia law books are still available here in NZ, yet they are. No penalty for having them for sale, only penalty applies to me for complaining that they are available for sale!

Likewise, we’ve had honour killings and everything else in the Islamic world right here. Yet to mention these is hate speech. A police visit. Unless you personally know someone involved, the media cover it all up.

The media didn’t mention the wife and daughter of Ishrat Malik had met with their local Anglican vicar’s wife for lunch before the Pakistani taxi driver slit their throats. To associate with kaffir is harem. Within Islamic communities, women take note of these things. Especially when the Christchurch imam that preaches on the necessary submission of women in promoted to his local community board.

We saw earlier last year how the NZ media and police ignored claims of Kiwi women in Wellington who were claiming rape and instead being ignored because of their race, but media silence of crimes is just one way how the NZ media empower radical Islam.

Ways in which the liberal NZ media empower radical Islam:

(these will be hyperlinked to

The New Zealand media encourage local radical Muslims by providing alternative narratives for world events. An example is how Islamic Jihad is always presented as freedom fighting, like the Islamic State takeover of a minority Islamic sect by the Sunni in Syria initially was.

The NZ media kill opposition to terrorist agenda, usually by labelling it racist or nazis.

The NZ media encourage radical Islam by withholding news, as the did when news broke in Britain of the Grooming Gang Scandal.

The liberal NZ media encourage radical Islamists by encouraging the social justice fringe and promoting their work. Media will promote people like Byron Clark, who campaigned against terrorism laws, and campaigned for the right for left wing anti-government militants to train with weapons, as experts on the far right.

The media promote the radicals by offering fake solutions to the radical problem, while refusing again to check the international evidence.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to ban Islamic literature or videos. I want us all to openly discuss them.

I agree with Anjum Rhman, who on Oct 4, 2019, said in an interview on #FreeSpeech:

“We know that there are young men that were jailed in this country for sharing Isis videos. We know that there are at least 30 or 40 men that lost their passports and right to travel and we didn’t hear or see any free speech coalition. “We didn’t see lots of funding go to them. We didn’t see anyone jumping up to defend the right to share videos.”

We should all get to see what Islam is really offering behind closed doors. To get the trade unions out there threatening death to anyone who disagrees with the values and morals of Muslims is counterproductive at best. Woke media have that on video, yet refused to screen it because it would have shown a totally different perspective of who hates who.

I do not believe the tax-payer should pay for a police call-out every time someone disagrees with the Standard Islamic Narrative (SIN).

In closing I’d like to agree with Yahya Cholil Staquf is General Secretary of Nahdlatul Ulama, the world’s largest Muslim organisation:

“There is a desperate need for honest discussion of these matters. This is why it worries me to see Western political and intellectual elites weaponise the term “Islamophobia,” to short-circuit analysis of a complex phenomenon that threatens all humanity. For example, it is factually incorrect and counter-productive to define Islamophobia as “rooted in racism,” as proposed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims. In reality, it is the spread of Islamist extremism and terror that primarily contributes to the rise of Islamophobia throughout the non-Muslim world.”

I believe this country belongs to all New Zealanders. To combat hate, as in combatting terrorism, we all need to work together.

Seek the truth. Speak the truth.

Can anyone remember who said “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…”