Byron Clark’s Arab Spring support revealed

You have nothing to fear from the right/alt-right/far-right/always-right of New Zealand’s political spectrum. It was an invite by Isaac, a.k.a. Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, of the Avondale (now Blockhouse Bay) mosque’s Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, that was the catalyst for the creation of this website. Isaac was recruiting for what would be known as the Arab Spring Uprising. The more dedicated jihadi became known as Islamic State in 2014 when they moved north. Isaac also rebranded his group Islamic State of Aotearoa to match. Byron Clark’s Arab Spring support hasn’t been widely documented, that is, until his new book “Fear” was released this week.

How many Kiwi’s died because of Byrons promotion of the Arab  Spring jihad? Clark’s history supporting extreme and Islamic terrorism here in New Zealand will be elaborated more below.

For the decade before we had met Isaac he had successfully recruited several jihadi who were to become household names in New Zealand.  Much of his recruiting was from prisons where the crimes we imprison men for are not crimes under sharia law! Isaac became one of the worlds top 500 most influential Muslims. However, his ‘brother’ Mark John Taylor wasn’t an inmate, nor Christopher Harvard and Daryl Jones, both recruited from Clark’s favourity mosque, Al Noor, and honoured by ISIS. We were all offered the same deal: Go overseas and study, find a wife, serve and then return as a hero to run a mosque. You’re set for life!

In the second chapter of FEAR, Byron writes: “An Egyptian friend who I had met during protests held in solidarity with the uprisings in their country during the 2011 Arab Spring was posting to Facebook…”

In his book Clark also claims the Swedish no-go zones were a myth, which is not what the Swedish Police reports, still available online, claim.

Clark also denys in FEAR that the over one million British teen girls raped by Pakistani grooming gangs is an issue that the alt-right should not be concerned about. Clark infers that the NZ Media should continue to cover these things up for the sake of the global jihad. To worry about foreign rape gangs is what a right wing extremist does. Clark lists many groups who should not be worrying about the Islamic rape gangs here in New Zealand, even when our media is reporting that it is happening (search this site!).

Byron Clark omits from his work that Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman, whom he quotes in support of his book’s anti-white narrative, just four years later openly acknowledges that those who follow sharia law are terrorists!

A quick resume of some of Bryon Clark’s support and defense of global Islamic Terrorism:

In 2008 Clark seeks to end the Terrorism Suppression Act, as revealed in part of a speech given while campaigning as a candidate for the Socialist Workers party.

In 2013 New Zealand academics were saying the real threat to New Zealand security was from Al-Qaeda trained people living here, and we have dozens, possibly hundreds, of them! Eighty were known to the NZ government in 2014.

His book details the intervening years support of terrorism, but fails to mention his own conspiracy theories.

Clark also mentions his time in Occupy Christchurch, following Occupy Wall Street over a decade ago. Possibly thirty percent of this book is against those who took part in the Parliamentary Occupation. He’s clearly a hypocrite!

Clark also frequently boasts in his lectures that he has managed to get Lee Williams fired and lose his wife due to harassment from Clark.

Clark regularly promotes HAMAS with their “Free Palestine” protests around NZ calling for the slaughter of Jews living in the land that the Koran says God gave them. Somewhat ironically, in that same verse, the Koran also says that God gave them, the Children of Israel, the right to kill those who caused mischief in their land! So why Clark wants to back the losers no one can guess!

In 2021 Byron blamed his alt-right enemies for the New Lynn terrorist attack by Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen. The NZ media claim that the UN Immigration Compact prevented NZ from deporting him at his own request before he was jailed. Byron Clark starts his book by claiming that we who protested against the UN Immigration Compact were right wing extremists!

Those who have been following Byron’s antics these last decades can see he has openly supported many of the worlds largest terrorist groups, Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Islamic State, and many others, both by his social media and getting out on the streets protesting. In addition he’s campaigned for NZ to remove it’s protections against terrorist activity in this country.

In this book we see Byron has opposed those who oppose Islamic terrorism at every possibly opportunity. Clark is what is known by Muslims as a ‘dhimmi’, a subservient kaffir, or as we would say, a useful idiot.

Perhaps the most surprising realisation to come from this book, written by someone who campaigned as a member of the Socialist Workers party and who calls everyone he disagrees with a NAZI (German Socialist Workers Party member), is that none of the NZ media or Uni professors promoting this book have noticed this hypocrisy!

Clarks funding to support his support of global Islamic terrorism comes from Voyager Internet, his parents, and his Massey University lectures.


  1. ummm if I repost this, will I be done for slander/libel? i.e. can you back all this up? as a man who seems like an utter creep, none of this would surprise me but I wouldn’t mind a few references to be on the safe side.

  2. Thanks for letting people know about this terrorist supporter who seems to be a love child of the nz media. If only they did as much homework as you did to check into his obviously extremist leftist background

  3. Always known something was up with him, now I know the full story, also explains why he hates Jews so much.

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