Jihadi tried to plead insane

Mohamed Omar Hussein, a Mt Roskill Jihadi tried to plead insane as Sharia law advises this will let him off any murder charges.

According to most interpretations of sharia law, insanity is a reason to be let off of punishment for crime. It’s a common plea from Muslims here in New Zealand after they have followed the Quran’s instructions to kill someone. Several other jihadi tried to plead insane during their trials unsuccessfully including Ishrat Malik, the Ranui double honour killer in 2014.

According to al-Misri’s sharia, in the screenshot below, those not liable for punishment after murder include children, insane people, those killing non-Muslims and honour killings.

This from the New Zealand Herald:

The man charged with murdering Auckland cleaner Alan Priestley is considered fit to answer the charges in court.

Mohamed Omar Hussein, 21, will appear for a pre-depositions hearing in the Auckland District Court later this month.

In a brief hearing in Auckland District Court today the court was told Hussein was fit to plead.

Police said today they hoped an internal investigation into police action surrounding the death would be completed within a fortnight.

Mr Priestly, 72, was found with head injuries at the Wesley Islamic Centre and died three days later in hospital.

He was beaten 30 minutes after police dropped his alleged killer at the mosque to pray.

Man fit to plead on charge of murdering cleaner