Antifa mock Muslim victim

From behind their Brutal Truth NZ QWatch facebook page, some members of the NZ far left Antifa mock Muslim victim, a grieving Omar Nabi, whose father was killed in the Christchurch mosque shooting, after Nabi’s speech in Christchurch yesterday. Omar Nabi has previously spoken about his love for his father, his grief at his loss,… Continue reading Antifa mock Muslim victim

Anti-fascists snub victim’s son

Omar Nabi’s father was killed on March 15 2019, today while counter protesting the Counterspin Media #FreeSpeech case outside the Christchurch courts, anti-fascists snub victim’s son. Today Counterspin Media were back in court over an accusation that they had shared a link to an overseas media organisation’s website that was making a series of documentaries… Continue reading Anti-fascists snub victim’s son

Arrests save Ardern’s narrative

To be clear, our own investigations into the Christchurch mosque shootings did not start until after two members of the New Zealand SIS came knocking accusing us of instigating Tarrants actions. We now understand how the deleting of remaining video evidence and Counterspin arrests save Ardern’s narrative in March 15, and restore her relationships with… Continue reading Arrests save Ardern’s narrative

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Student caught viewing video

A 16yo student caught viewing video footage of the Christchurch mosque shooting has been disciplined, all apparently for a video which was reported as being edited beyond recognition anyway. Incidentally, the Dunedin Mosque video that sparked the incident is still widely circulated by Muslims around the world. This from Auckland college student caught viewing… Continue reading Student caught viewing video

NZ media crew arrested

New Zealand government media outlets have confirmed social media reports that the NZ media crew arrested were from Counterspin Media. They have however, added a new twist as to their charges. Initially social media reports indicated that Counterspin presenters were arrested because they featured on a Government commissioned docu-drama recounting the 23 day Wellington protest… Continue reading NZ media crew arrested

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