Not real Muslims.

Not real Muslims.

You should join Islam, they say in the Islam 101 style classes at Auckland Uni, it’s the fastest growing religion in the world. There’s 1.6 billion, and they can’t all be wrong.

Join Islam I ask, and be like the Pakistani, with their Sharia honour killings, and persecution of Christians?

Oh no, they’re not real Muslims.

And be like Nigeria, with Boko Harem raping women?

NO, they’re not really Muslims either.

Or like Iran? Or like the Saudi’s? Not allowing women to drive would make the roads safer I guess. Oh, they’re not real Muslims either right?

Or like Turkey, and buy oil from Islamic State, sponsoring Islamic terrorism?

No, they’re not real Muslims, you need to be like the Muslims in the West.

Like Muslims in Britain, with the child grooming gangs raping thousands of preteen girls?

NO, they’re not actually real Muslims either.

Like the Muslims in Europe and Sweden then? Queuing up for welfare and raping and pillaging as they go? Or like the ones in Northern China, where the government had to get the army out to stop the armed uprising?

No, they’re not really real Muslims, be like the ones closer to home in the Pacific.

Like in Fiji, where they had the armed uprising? Or Indonesia, where they are slaughtering the West Papuaians? Or the Muslims in the Philippines, where the Islamic Moro MILF‘s are trying to take over? Or be like the Muslims in Australia, whose Muslim community have supplied dozens of jihadi to Islamic State?

No, they’re not real Muslims, be like the ones in NZ.

Do you mean like the ones in Christchurch, who joined Islamic State? Or the ones from west Auckland who slaughter their wife and daughter halal style when they meet with other religious people which is against sharia? Or the ones who hold weddings for child brides in Hamilton, so they can be like Mohammad? Or set their own mosques on fire in Avondale? Or host hate preachers like Manukau?

NO, they’re not really real Muslims.

So on the one hand you tell me that I should become a Muslim because there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and yet on the other hand you tell me now that these 1.6 billion are not really Muslims at all.

So really, Islam isn’t the fastest growing religion at all, because, according to you, most Muslims are not real Muslims!! It seems like it’s all smoke and mirrors.

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