Auckland terrorist retains anonymity

Yet another North Auckland terrorist retains anonymity today just weeks after earlier North Shore terrorist’s name was withheld from the public. The pathetic excuse given as to why this Auckland terrorist retains anonymity reveals that this government knows there is nothing they can do or say to change what he believes.  Instead this government just… Continue reading Auckland terrorist retains anonymity

Critical Quran isn’t

The Critical Quran isn’t at all critical of the Quran, or Muslims, and especially not in a David Wood or Apostate Prophet sense. The Critical Quran does, however, follow a style established by Christian and Jewish commentators on their own scriptures. This is a very harmonious book. Robert Spencer provides a clear English translation of… Continue reading Critical Quran isn’t

If it’s unattended, steal it!

If it’s unattended, steal it! The Quran gives these words from the perfect example for mankind to follow in Quran 24.29 There is no blame upon you for entering houses not inhabited in which there is convenience* for you. *Some benefit such as rest, shelter, commodities, one’s personal belongings, etc. 2.225 Allah does not impose… Continue reading If it’s unattended, steal it!

Deborah Yakubu killed for alleged blasphemy

NZ media are silent on the ritual slaughter of Deborah Yakubu, killed for alleged blasphemy, who had earlier refused to date her attacker, according to some online reports. Numerous videos of the attack are circulating online show Muslims celebrating and have hearts all over the recordings. The man with the matches screams allah akbar for… Continue reading Deborah Yakubu killed for alleged blasphemy