The FIANZ terms for the Royal Commission: Seek out RATs!

FIANZ, existing by virtue of HALAL and payments from terror sponsoring nations, has coined a term for their imaginary NZ based enemies: Right-Wing Advocates of Terror = RAT.

FIANZ fail to understand that the Christchurch shooting was initiated by a foreigner/immigrant(?) in NZ, and it was against a foreign/immigrant group in retaliation for the atrocities committed by devout and committed followers of Mohammed in Australia and other foreign lands who sincerely believed the Quran to be the true word of their god. Or possibly they do understand this was an entirely foreign event, and want to take control of NZ anyway.

See also the video at: FIANZ Halal Certification Documentary – Full Version.


  1. Why is it that in parts of england the police are too afraid to go into muslim areas where they practice sharia law. Until now i believed that the law of england under queen elizabeth the 2nd were theonly laws to be upheld not any religious mumno jumbo. So why is it the muslims are permited to go about their unlawful sharia crap and ignore the truelaw of the xountry they are living in . It iscsimple they don give a rats arse they just want to run thingstheir way and thumb their noses at the rest of us. Itbis a total travesty that britians law and order is being over riden by the muslims .

    1. It is the same in many parts of the world, and we are not too far away from that here in New Zealand either. Many immigrants don’t report crime when they know it is other immigrants that have committed it. It’s a fear of the community revenge that is the problem here in NZ.

  2. FIANZ is a racket run by career Muslims. The only thing they really care about is their own status.

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