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With appreciation to those who have supported this site, here are the stats for 2019: Page views: 76K Visitors: 54K Posts: 311 Please note that these stats do not include facebook post engagements which lately sit between 17-20k a month. Top pages viewed: 14 and pregnant: Child brides & Sharia NZ PM to fulfil Islamic… Continue reading 2019 site stats.


fb stats 6 months after the Chch shooting.

Here are the statistics from facebook for the first six months after the Christchurch shooting for Islamic State Watch – New Zealand, The aim of this site is to reveal the links between the political and militant arms of Islam in this country as they follow their prophet and his teachings. One can understand… Continue reading fb stats 6 months after the Chch shooting.


Poll: Should Kiwi Muslims be encouraged to provide greater support and finances to freedom fighters back home?

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Admin · News ignored by NZ media · Overseas deplatforms those critical of Islam. deplatforms those critical of Islam. has deplatormed those critical of Islam. I am very disappointed having been a contributor to the WordPress code in the distant past, and I have assisted in responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities to them on a voluntary basis in the recent past. I did see it coming though.… Continue reading deplatforms those critical of Islam.

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Welcome to Islamic State Watch – New Zealand

This site will follow those in this country who aim to imitate the Prophet Mohammed and who seek to create a global caliphate/ ummah/ Islamic state, and implement sharia law. Islam’s contribution to the rich flavour of this country often goes unnoticed, so this page aims to promote the ordinary contributions of those who follow… Continue reading Welcome to Islamic State Watch – New Zealand