Is Islam like Christianity?

Is Islam like Christianity?

It is a current claim by New Zealand Muslims that Islam is like Christianity. They claim that Jesus is like Mohammad.  Therefore, according to NZ Muslims, because Islam is exactly like Christianity, they should be allowed freedom to practice Sharia in New Zealand. They want equality, they want their ‘right’.

It is easy to tell that Jesus is nothing like Mohammed, indicating these two religions have radically different origins.

So, in an effort to see that Islam is nothing like Christianity at all, we have some questions for those who say that they have read the Quran and claim that it’s the same as the New Testament:

1. Where in the Gospels does Jesus repeatedly tell his disciples to kill everyone who refuses to submit to them?

2. Where in the New Testament are the divorce laws for female children who have not yet menstruated? (ie: wait three months just in case she may have matured without you noticing, and if she is pregnant, then you can only divorce her after she’s given birth and you have the baby).

3. Where in the New Testament are the laws for short term temporary marriages and the exchange of money for these business transactions? (Did you ever wonder why our only NZ Islamic MP at the time would not vote against legalising prostitution??!!).

4. Where in the Quran are Mohammad’s followers told to go out and pray for healing, and where are the examples of this being done?

5. Where in the Gospels does Jesus tell us that the Torah is full of errors?

6. Where in the New Testament are we told that the proof of a divine prophet will be found only in their poetry?

7. Where in the New Testament are men told to have multiple wives and make sex slaves out of any non-believing women or war captives within arms reach?

8. Where in the New Testament is it implied to women that if they don’t cover up, they are fair game for men to use as sex slaves.

9. Where in the Gospels are Christians told they are to levy taxes on other religions specifically by naming the religion?

10. Where in the Gospels does Jesus tell his followers to kill the followers of earlier prophets sent by God?

and finally, for those claiming to be followers of Christ who are preaching “religious tolerance”, where does Jesus tell us that all religious practices, and religious books, and religious people, lead to the same place?

It’s easy to see muslims worship a false God who can only kill and destroy what the followers of Jesus have created!

Also: if anyone has read the hadiths, or any classical sharia law, and wants to tell us that they are the same as the classical Christian writings, we have some questions for you too!


  1. The key issue is where in the Quran does it say that we are justified before God by the grace that comes through trusting Jesus Christ?

  2. Same can be said for those who are Jewish and claim allah is the same god.

    Despite Torah stating worshipping a foreign idol or deity is forbidden, that YHVH is the only G-d and he is jelous.

    That Islam came after Judaism and Mohammad stole much of the Torah to help set up his own warmongering religion and that the same black rock they worship in Mecca is the same deity he stole from the Hindus.

    Also the quran is specificaly declaring war on “The People Of The Book” meaning Christians and Jews.

    While Torah and the New Testement both forbid murder and declare War is for a season. Not something to live by like Islam does. “They who live by the sword die by the sword”.

    Passifist Islam/Islamification by sedition goes with the view all roads lead to the same god, while they kill people for not following Islam in Islamic countries deemed to be “Moderate” . While Torah and New Testament both prove that there is only one road to G-d.

  3. all books compiled by greedy men to suit the agendas of the TIME.

    spirituality before religion. all crestion are divine. oneness with the divine.

    religion divides.
    reclaim our oneness.

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