Did Gower motivate the LynnMall terrorist?

Did Gower motivate the LynnMall terrorist?

Did Gower motivate the LynnMall terrorist who witnesses say targeted only white people in the supermarket through his hateful documentary toward white Kiwis?

This article wasn’t planned to be part of this series on how the NZ media supported Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen in his terrorist activities, but there’s good reason this question is being asked. In this documentary screening nationwide on free to air television just 4 days before the terrorist incident, did Gower motivate the LynnMall terrorist?

Patrick Gower is world renowned for his sympathy for Muslims shown in many hundreds of news pieces. He first reported on their terrorist activities in New Zealand in 2003 when he reported on one of NZ’s first jihad terrorist incidents at Mt Roskill mosque. He claims to know Mark John Taylor “well”, and wrote a soft piece on him also.

In almost two decades Gower has never shown any knowledge of the Quran, world history, current world politics, or even Islam in New Zealand. As Gower admits in “On Hate”, he never researches his subjects.

In this doco, Gower would not have addressed the reason the Royal Commission gave for Tarrants actions which was the many Islamic terrorist events Tarrant witnessed while traveling overseas. He would not have mentioned that Tarrant had no help from within NZ, except from the police and Govt in obtaining weapons.

In the Islamic religion, silence is considered consent. If you remain silent about their extremist behaviour, it signifies consent.

While overseas Islamic leaders are questioning the part that the Quran played in Tarrant’s actions, Gower does not think of this.

In the Islamic religion, silence is considered consent. If you remain silent, it signifies consent.

Likewise, Gower displays no knowledge of why a New Zealand mosque was a target at all. Overseas media have revealed it was an Islamic domination video on the Otago Muslim Association facebook page that triggered Tarrant. This video is still in circulation today.

In the Islamic religion, silence is considered consent. If you remain silent about their behaviour, it signifies consent.

Patrick would not have brought up the long history of the Canterbury Mosque in radicalising Kiwis.

In Islamic silence is considered consent. If you remain silent, it signifies consent. This would be encouraging to

Instead, Gower used terms like ‘far right’ and ‘white supremacist’, yet refused to admit that the NZ “far right” agree wholeheartedly with Muslim academics.

Gower did not address any of the sharia behaviour of NZ muslims like terrorism sponsorship, child marriage, honour killings, or rape gangs, yet has carefully crafted his doco for his target audience, as this review below illustrates.

Anjam Rahman is an example of an ordinary Muslim here in New Zealand. She is a media personality, politician, and spokesperson for Islamic Women here in New Zealand.

Anjam Rahman is a huge defender of radical Islam here in New Zealand, and in 2019 had previously spoken out in sympathy of the LynnMall terrorist Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen and others like him who were sitting in our jails:

“We know that there are young men that were jailed in this country for sharing Isis videos. We know that there are at least 30 or 40 men that lost their passports and right to travel and we didn’t hear or see any free speech coalition.

“We didn’t see lots of funding go to them. We didn’t see anyone jumping up to defend the right to share videos.”

On Gowers Doco, Anjam Rahman wrote:  “The journalist’s documentary about the mosque shootings and their aftermath was a reminder of the incredible strength of those left behind, writes Anjum Rahman – and of the risk that far right extremism still poses ton New Zealand.

I’m writing this in tears and nauseous, feeling utterly re-traumatised after watching Patrick Gower: On Hate.  Still, I wasn’t there, I didn’t lose a family member, I didn’t witness my loved ones dying. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in that situation.”

So we can tell that Gower’s mini-doco hit a soft spot with his target audience he identified in his press release (below), those like Rahman above who support radical Islamic terrorism.

So was Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen also watching? Paul Spoonly seems to think so, because he KNEW there would be another attack with this sort of racial division being constantly on screen! It’s his job to know what to expect, and what triggers it!

Did Gower motivate the LynnMall terrorist?

It is tragic that the plea of Yahya Cholil Staquf General Secretary of Nahdlatul Ulama, the world’s largest Muslim organisation, has fallen on deaf ears. Nothing has changed since Tarrants mad rampage. Staquf said that to prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West.

According to the Religion of Peace, in 2020 there were 2145 Islamic attacks in 53 countries, in which 10147 people were killed and 7726 injured. This was up from the 1761 attacks recorded in 2019.

Tarrant’s attack was totally unnecessary to stop Islam spreading further into the West. Education easily defeats Islamic ideology, and there has never been a time in history when more Muslims are becoming literate, reading the Quran and source literature for the first time themselves, and leaving Islam. Islamic scholars are unable to plug the holes in the standard narrative. Islamic terror attacks motivated Christchurch attack, not those speaking out against Islamic terrorists here in New Zealand. Anyone investigating the history of Islam or Islam in the world at the moment would be alarmed!

On the 10th of August Gower wrote for Newshub:

Patrick Gower: Why I made a documentary on hate and March 15

OPINION: “It is fine to love, it is fine to hate – this is beyond hate.”

These are the words of Wasseim Alsati, a victim of the March 15 terror attack who took part in my upcoming documentary Patrick Gower: On Hate.

In the documentary, which is coming soon but yet to be given a release date, I investigate the extreme hate that caused the attack – a new global, online form of white supremacy.

I chose to take on hate because I believe it is a documentary that needs to be made.

In my view, March 15 is one of the most evil actions to ever take place in the world, let alone in Aotearoa New Zealand and we have to understand it more than we do.

Having reported extensively on the attack and its aftermath, I still constantly find myself saying what happened – where did this hate come from? And the follow-up question: how can we stop it from happening again?

The first priority for me and the team when we started producing this last year was the victims.

For that reason:

  • This is a victim-led documentary
  • It does not show the terrorist or use his name
  • It does not platform any extreme views.

We have been able to combine the results of the official investigations with the views of the victims in what I believe is an in-depth and probing piece of journalism.

Through my coverage over the past two years I have been able to build up trust with many victims.

The seven victims who agreed to do the documentary all believe others can learn from their stories.

I would describe the interviews as deep, reflective, very confronting and extremely powerful.

Some of the victim’s recollections are traumatic and the documentary has had to walk a very careful line to respect them but make sure the true horror is not erased.

All victims interviewed have had the opportunity to see the way we have represented them in the documentary.

We have also consulted broadly within the March 15 community and New Zealand’s wider Muslim community, and the documentary has been viewed by representatives a range of victims and Muslim community groups.

March 15 and the hate that caused it was incredibly complex – making a documentary on it was not easy.

But if there is one thing that I have learned about March 15, it is that you need to put the victims first.

By doing that, we can confront hate – and truly start to look beyond it.


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