NZ media have been encouraging the LynnMall Terrorist

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that over a period of several years many within the mainstream NZ media have been encouraging the Lynnmall Terrorist and those like him within this country with the way they report on Islamic issues within New Zealand. The New Zealand Islamic community have promoted a newly created Standard Islamic Narrative (S.I.N.) that Islam is a peaceful religion and sharia law is compatible with Western laws and culture.

Many within mainstream NZ media have been promoting an alternative narrative behind the events that they are reporting in the news to fit this S.I.N., while hiding other globally newsworthy events or relevant commentary. Simultaneously harassing individuals who report otherwise to the point of suicide with false claims and allegations, some NZ media have been threatening legal action against those who pick up on their tactics and highlight their promoting of terrorist ideology as valid.

Mainstream NZ media have collected around them a group of armchair journalists, aka ‘social justice warriors’ who have aided them in gathering information on those who have been highlighting what the government has hidden while providing support for those with jihadi ideology.

Along with creating an alternative narrative, withholding newsworthy events and commentary, harassing individual dissenters to the point of suicide, threatening legal action, and promoting sharia and terrorist ideology as valid, the mainstream media have worked to create and endlessly promote the Standard Islamic Narrative (S.I.N.).

It is this national acceptance of the Standard Islamic Narrative (S.I.N.) that emboldens jihadi, assuring them that the Quran is a valid truth within this country. This promoting of the S.I.N. embolden jihadi that sharia is now equal with the Christian faith upon which this country was founded. In promoting the S.I.N. the NZ media provide jihadi with the authority to believe that they have the support of the nation that Islam is a valid religion and holds their answers to their problems.

The problem becomes obvious to those who have studied the history of Islam and the Quran from a perspective outside of the S.I.N. Islam has never been a peaceful religion, and sharia has never been compatible with western, or even basic Christian values, at any level. Muslims themselves cannot agree on what Islam or Sharia actually is any more, and it’s left to whichever Islamic organisation has the most money to define faith and practice. Most who promote the Quran have never read it, and many who have fail to understand it.

Media have been encouraging the Lynnmall Terrorist by creating an alternative narrative

NZ media have been encouraging the Lynnmall Terrorist by creating and maintaining an alternative narrative to the events that it reports, one which fits the Standard Islamic Narrative.

An example was how new Zealand media handled the Christchurch shooting. If you compare NZ media coverage with overseas media coverage you get two totally different pictures of what motivated the shooter. Foreign media covering the attack showed how Tarrant witnessed the same growing Islamic Terrorism in Europe he had seen in Australia. According to foreign media his choice of New Zealand was made after watching a video from the Dunedin mosque promoting global Islamic takeover.

In New Zealand, along with the local Muslim community, the media created an alternative narrative, and blamed New Zealanders who objected to the S.I.N. for the Christchurch shooting. They targeted anyone who had ever previously spoken out against the S.I.N., or the global Islamic takeover that the Dunedin mosque was promoting, as being to blame for the shooting.

This demonisation of those who object to the S.I.N and takeover is extremely encouraging to wannabe Jihadi who follow the Quran.

It was not until after the Royal Commission report was released that the NZ public was able to learn two years later that Brenton Tarrant had no assistance from those the media had demonised, and that he was motivated by Muslim actions only. Notable is that the Dunedin Mosque video was not mentioned; it does not fit the S.I.N.

Meanwhile, a different conversation was happening overseas where media had reported the evidence the Royal Commission later released. As the General Secretary of one of the worlds largest Islamic organisations, Yahya Cholil Staquf, pointed out:

“There is a desperate need for honest discussion of these matters. This is why it worries me to see Western political and intellectual elites weaponise the term “Islamophobia,” to short-circuit analysis of a complex phenomenon that threatens all humanity. For example, it is factually incorrect and counter-productive to define Islamophobia as “rooted in racism,” as proposed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims. In reality, it is the spread of Islamist extremism and terror that primarily contributes to the rise of Islamophobia throughout the non-Muslim world.”

The idea that Islam itself could be the problem with Islamic terrorism is something that even Obama hinted at when he was President.

Another example of how the NZ media encourage wannabe terrorists is found in the recent coverage of the LynnMall attack itself. The motivation for the attack is found in the Quran. Yet the Quran is never condemned, instead the media repeat a narrative that Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen was a victim of his circumstances and of mental illness. Yet the Quran provides no other course of action for anyone in his circumstances. There are many with mental illness who were in similar circumstances who have not resorted to armed jihad against those who provided them with refuge. This is a Muslim issue, the Quran commands it. This is sharia.

Our media is full of the promotion of Islamic Jihad, the global takeover Tarrant was objecting to, as ‘freedom fighting’. Kiwi’s fighting in the Arab Spring uprising, against Syrian President Assad (later renamed ISIS), anything against Israel, or the terrorist attacks in North Western China, etc are all presented as freedom fighters, glorified by NZ media. Yet all are motivated by Quran. You’ll see local Muslims always promoting these events on their social media.

That the Quran is never condemned for it’s calls to armed violence, and the latest global jihad issue is always glorified in Western media is always extremely encouraging to wannabe jihadi like Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, the LynnMall terrorist.

Part two will follow tomorrow: (up now) Media have been encouraging the Lynnmall Terrorist by withholding news.