2022 top ten news reports

The Islamic State Watch 2022 top ten news reports focus around Ardern’s Islamic silencing of the global critique of Islam as fallout from March 15.

10: Ardern’s alt-media attacks Kiwi Hindus. We do have a protected religion here in New Zealand, it’s the minority one, Islam, so any media report has to always defend Islam, and not provide any background to foreign religions here in NZ. This story was paid for by the Covid media bail-out fund.

9: Charlotte Bellis, promoting Taliban again through the NZ media, has been called out by human rights activists both here in NZ and overseas. An embarrassment to feminists worldwide, if any still exist.

8: Mosque victim texts wife after death. Only in Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand could this ever happen. Kamel Darwish died about 1.44pm on March 15, 2019, police say. But Darwish’s brother Zuhair, who arrived at the mosque just after the shooting, said his phone was answered several times, hours after police say he was dead. Kamel’s wife even received a love heart emoji message some 21 minutes after police say he was killed. A phone call was made from the phone a minute earlier. As you will realise from what’s below, Kiwi’s will never get to know the truth of what happened on March 15th 2019.

7: Ardern creates centre covering Islamic expansion in NZ. March 15 will cost this country forever. This taxpayer funded extremist activity is called The Centre of Research Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism, He Whenua Taurikura, and is staffed by those who have admitted publicly they have no clue what the Islamic extremists are doing here in NZ.

6: Golriz Ghahraman We will call them terrorists! In support of the Iranian revolution triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini, the Iranian Government was summed up succinctly by New Zealand member of parliament Golriz Ghahraman “We will call them terrorists”! A gutsy statement that would get her killed in any Islamic country. But nothing will change as this article details, she is part of the problem.

5: Ex-Muslim rationalist Aneesh Jasy arrested for Facebook posts. Islam is the same all over the world. That was our first facebook post in 2015 from one of our now banned account. Muslims complain, police have to arrest. You can see our last report to police when we were questioned by those sent from one of our Islamic Police commanders here in NZ in the REPORT TO POLICE in the top menu.

4: Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims. NZ’s own radical far left don’t actually like anyone who doesn’t follow the trade union backed Ardern political narrative. So they came out with venom ignoring the many Kiwi Muslims, taxi and truck drivers, business owners, families who turned up to support the protest against Ardern’s lockdowns in Wellington in February. Muslims were arrested and banned from Parliament grounds along with everyone else.

3. Arrests save Ardern’s narrative. Following other high profile arrests of those who question her narrative (Eastwood, Tamaki, Baker) Ardern arrested the Counterspin Media crew who have been hot on her tail for her entire last term in government. Ardern doesn’t realise that when she’s already taken everything away, they’ve got nothing to lose, so they’ll keep speaking out.

2. What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding? With the many arrests from those who question her official narratives, particularly concerning March 15, one eventually asks, why is she flying around the world trying to stop people discussing what she said happened?

And from our 2022 top ten news reports, the most viewed report written in 2022 is:

1. Anti-fascists snub victim’s son. Omar Nabi’s father was killed on March 15 2019. Omar is perhaps the most hated person in NZ for asking these questions. If his questions are answered, or even acknowledged by Ardern, it will be her downfall. Muslims are asking questions about this tragedy, but are being shut down by union/government sponsored protesters. Antifa reasons for not talking with Omar Nabi today are in their press release detailed here.