Anti-fascists snub victim’s son

Anti-fascists snub victim's son

Omar Nabi’s father was killed on March 15 2019, today while counter protesting the Counterspin Media #FreeSpeech case outside the Christchurch courts, anti-fascists snub victim’s son.

Today Counterspin Media were back in court over an accusation that they had shared a link to an overseas media organisation’s website that was making a series of documentaries investigating the March 15 event.

The trade union (sponsors of the NZ Labour Party) supported anti-fascists turn up protesting for Palestinian rights, BLM, pro-abortion type events, and also counter-protest anyone opposing the current Labour government agenda.

The latest iteration of this Marxist regime gained prominence protesting against #FreeSpeech in 2018 at Aotea Square in Auckland. Antifa launched a website called Paparoa to help the government track down white people who didn’t agree with the Islamic agenda for this country. Today, during a show of support for Counterspin Media’s court case, based around #FreeSpeech, the Anti-fascists snub victim’s son, ironically the very person they were claiming to represent. Their press release is at the bottom of this page.

The Counterspin Media live stream can be found on their website

The link to an overseas website that Counterspin shared was made illegal to be viewed here in NZ only after the police had raided their office and checked their computers. The website is apparently still able to be viewed anywhere else in the world. Omar Nabi was outside the Christchurch court calling for more details to be made public of what happened on March 15 2019. Nabi has previously been interviewed on this subject, and spoke after his speech today with the Counterspin team.

In discussion after the speeches, it’s revealed that the anti-fascists, claiming to represent NZ Muslims, would not even talk to Omar Nabi, even after listening to his speech. Antifa have been vocal in supporting the Labour Government to shut down any dissent to government policy, and released a press release for their counter-protest today featuring false information about Counterspin.

Omar’s speech is available on the live broadcast, on the front page of the Counterspin website.

Muslims are asking questions about this tragedy, but are being shut down by union/government sponsored protesters. Antifa reasons for not talking with Omar Nabi today are in their press release below. It should be noted that all claims regarding Counterspin in that press release are false, as court documents will show.

As usual, Antifa are full of tutae.

Omar speaks with Counterspin media after his speech.


This from scoop news:

Ka T? Kotahi T?tou – We Stand United With Aroha For Our Muslim Whanau

Anti-fascist Aotearoa are holding a peace vigil in solidarity with our Muslim Wh?nau outside the Christchurch District Court 9am on Wednesday, 21 September 2022. This is the day that the two Counterspin Media defendants return to court for featuring content from the March 2019 massacre on their social media.

“We gather in the spirit of peace and aroha where we will share k?rero, prayer and waiata. We stand firmly for inclusivity, aroha and solidarity with minorities and vulnerable groups,” said Sina Brown-Davis, member of Anti-Fascist Aotearoa.

“As these defendants return to court we are reminded of the real life and tragic consequences of unchecked hate speech.”

“Counterspin’s full-throated embrace of violent extremism and hateful conspiracy theories has radicalised individuals to carry out threats, harassment and intimidation of people who don’t agree with their views.”

“Counterspin are dangerous perpetrators who clothe themselves in the garb of victimhood. “Free speech” is their rallying cry, but those words are nothing more than a cheap political ploy to encourage more hatred, violence and misinformation.”

“Re-featuring footage of the white-supremacist led massacre of 51 Muslims, and then calling it a hoax, significantly increases the pain and prolongs the suffering for those who lost loved ones, and prevents Aotearoa New Zealand from healing. ”

“What Counterspin Media does in here mirrors the awful denialism by Alex Jones and InfoWars of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre which resulted in similar pain, and trauma for victims in the United States. Jones is now being held accountable for by the courts. Justice for those who intentionally spread lies about the March 2019 massacre must follow suit.”

“We cannot say that we are honouring the victims of the Mosque attacks if Islamophobia and xenophobia remain unchecked, and violent white supremacist propaganda can proliferate.”

“We are thinking of and holding in our hearts our Muslim wh?nau today.”

“We reflect on the individual, collective and institutional failure of us as a country to fight Islamaphobia and protect them against white supremacist terrorism.”

“We must hold on to the best spirit of human endeavour and stand against the scandalmongers, hate preachers, and violence makers hellbent on dividing communities and stoking tensions. Their success or failure is ultimately in our hands.”

“We will show that their violence and hateful rhetoric is not acceptable in Aotearoa.”

Ka T? Kotahi T?tou – We Stand United with Aroha for Our Muslim Whanau.

The following groups endorse this event:

Migrants and Refugees against Xenophobia

Foundation Against Islamophobia and Racism

Asians for Tino Rangatiratanga

Peace Action Wellington

P?neke Anti Fascist Coalition

Occupy Auckland

Auckland Peace Action

IPU Indigenous Pacific Uprising

Kia Mau

The Manaaki collective

Anti Fascist ?tautahi

Anti Fascist ?tepoti

Anti Fascist Aotearoa


  1. Dear fellow Kiwis,

    I greatly appreciate the work of COUNTERSPIN MEDIA who is courageously exposing the egregious crimes being inflicted on New Zealanders.

    The NZ Government and the Mainstream Media have become a cesspit of lies and the echo chamber of delusions.

    Shouldn’t We INVESTIGATE Whether Pathogenic Viruses Actually Do Exist?

    Doctors and scientists are clinging to an assumption taught at medical school, believing it to be a scientific fact, that pathogenic viruses have been isolated in the lab. They accept this assumption with blind faith without ever examining the validity of the methods used to reach this conclusion.

    Dr Michael Yeadon, Chief Scientist and Vice President at Pfizer for 16 years, acknowledges in a recent interview that he has “revised his view” of viruses. He said that “respiratory viruses don’t exist.” An astonishing u-turn for someone who’s entire education and career is based on the belief that pathogenic viruses exist.

    A clip from the interview.

    I came across an article in Global Research by Dr Michael Yeadon entitled, “The Most Important Single Message I’ve Ever Written.”

    He’s right on the money!

    Dr. Mark Bailey has just published an important paper that completely dismantles virology and the existence of viruses.

    It covers:

    The history of virology and the failures of the virologists to follow the scientific method.
    All major aspects of virological fraud.
    How the COVID-19 fraud was started and maintained.
    How the PCR creates the illusion of a pandemic.
    The startling admissions of major health institutions revealing their pseudoscientific practices.

    This essay is a monster at over 28,000 words! However, it puts the final nail in the coffin for the virus promoters.


    We are being led into a digital, transhuman, planetary dictatorship.
    “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” – WEF

    The White Collar criminals and traitors in Wellington who launched this egregious attack on New Zealanders and colluded with Pfizer Inc, the World Health Organization, the World Economic Forum, et al, must be held accountable and brought to justice!

    The truth holds up under scrutiny, but lies must be concealed.

    Eric Thorp

  2. You trying to hard with your delusional “word salad” … All evidence points towards Christchurch being a Black-Op. Even after the Royal Commission has blamed NZ Police for negligence in support of Tarrant , not a single member has been held accountable ! What does that tell you ? It tells me , that if they do find a scapegoat/pasty for ChCh, he will sing like a canary against the establishment.
    Your organisation is just another George Soros/WEF funded communist cesspit .
    Just remember history , ” Evil has never triumphed over Good ” …. ?????

    1. Which organisation are you referring to as Govt funded? Counterspin are not, this website is not. But the Antifa movements are funded by the unions and welfare state. This website does not believe the govt/antifa narrative because they originally pinned blame on us. It was only after they turned up on our doorstep we started investigating anything, and that’s when we found there was no evidence available in NZ any more, and no one in NZ or Au in our circles had heard of Tarrant at all. The only people who knew anything of Tarrant were the people at Al Noor mosque who told the media he had visited the mosque before. (the media story is on this site – likely wiped from MSM by now).

  3. I’ve never read such a load of straight out lies against other new zealanders who are obviously trying their best to make the general public more aware of the atrocities being perpetrated against the good people of this country… I personally think Sina Brown-Davis needs to get re educated also she is clearly not aware of the fact based evidence that is shared by the ever more popular counterspin media who are just providing the public, who wish to watch their presentations, with real news, not totalatarian foreign ideology propaganda which has become very evident through the mainstream media. Sina Brown Davis I would suggest you get a real job and a real life cause your actions are pretty pathetic and actually a disgrace in my opinion

  4. Why won’t they talk to this man? I saw an overseas site that has questions about this very incident. Not the site referred to by Counterspin but one which has questions from NZers regards the state of affairs here. The answers came back, it was allowed to happen, in order to put Ardern on the world stage…. too much censorship…. too many co-incidences…. too much blood on a certain person’s hands….

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