Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims

Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims

Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims

New Zealand Muslims have been as adversely affected by this government’s mismanaged lock-downs as much as any other Kiwi, possibly more-so. Some have lost their jobs or their businesses, missed weddings and funerals, or have been separated from family who can’t get MIQ spots. Some have missed their classes and classmates, or watched their parents stress-out, just like everyone else in New Zealand. Others suffer daily with acne wearing a face mask for their 8 hour shifts, or spent sleepless nights, like any other Kiwi, wondering what the future holds, even though they’re double and triple vaxxed!

They’ve watched the Prime Minister’s (drug dealing?) DJ friend get repeated preferential treatment through the border, along with the solo-mother ISIS recruit, while they themselves can’t get their own family back, even with a clean criminal record and full NZ citizenship being second generation Kiwis.

Other members of New Zealand’s Muslim community have suffered vaccine injuries, and still others were reported to have been unable to gain medical care for relatives whom they’ve watched die simply because this government is so disorganised.

Some New Zealand Muslims are starting to understand that this government isn’t actually as ‘kind’ or ‘caring’ about its own citizens as it claims to be.

So it’s no surprise that some of the Wellington Islamic community have been down at Freedom Village, outside Parliament, helping out. They’ve contributed via donations, cleaning up, catering, just like the many others who have been adversely affected like they have. They’ve sampled the vegetarian or bbq chicken meals available, for free, along with everyone else.

Others have just brought their families along to see what it’s all about, and smiled and nodded approvingly when they see all of the joy and laughter of Freedom Village. Freedom Village is New Zealand’s largest ever peaceful protest camp with the sole aim of ending the COVID mandates.

They are holding the line. They’ve endured the sprinklers, baby shark, and one was even arrested, battered and bruised by police, along with everyone else, holding the line when needed most on that fateful Thursday.

So it’s devastating to these Wellington Muslims to see how their efforts to contribute are portrayed by the Labour Party’s well oiled propaganda machine.

Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims efforts with posters around the city claiming Freedom Village is a white-supremacist/NAZI supporting event. According to social media, if you are attending this protest, you are supporting white-supremacist/NAZI values.

These false claims have been pushed through by the Antifa machine to the mainstream media through the same system used to attack anyone who speaks out in opposition of Labour gov’t policies. Antifa hopes to discourage Muslims, and anyone else, from sharing their pain and seeking an end from these lock-downs with others.

But it’s backfired. Some of Wellington’s Muslims are living in, and contributing to, Freedom Village themselves. They’re not promoting white-supremacy, no-one is. They’re not NAZI’s. This has been a huge wake up call to many Wellington Muslims to see how this government is able to manipulate the media!

The irony is that the protesters see this Labour/Green government as the NAZI’s: those socialists who want to nationalise NZ by cutting it off from the rest of the world as they are currently doing! There are many signs noting the similarities between Jacinda and Hitler around the camp, and NAZI symbols in a circle with a line through it.

Hitler was a socialist, Jacinda is a socialist. Antifa are socialists.

Who are Antifa?

Antifa (short for anti-fascists) a loose group of left wing political activists supporting socialist/Marxist/communist societal ideology. They’re financially backed by the trade unions, and often involve student union leadership and Labour/Green party youth or MP’s at their events. They have established links to the mainstream media. They are are the ones who usually arrange protests promoting the Labour/Green government ethos. They ran the Paparoa website after Christchurch shooting. They arranged the Black Lives Matter protest that broke the first lock-down. No one was prosecuted for this because of their government connections. They were involved in the Free Palestine protests throughout the country attended by many members of New Zealand’s Islamic State.

Antifa support the socialist agenda. Antifa encourage political violence (fascism) to achieve their goals, as this screenshot demonstrates.

It’s easy to pick the Antifa types in Freedom Village – they’re the agitators wearing face masks to prevent the many live streams from identifying them! They’re the ones creeping through camp in the middle of the night with masks on.

Who’s at Freedom Village?

According to a recent poll, almost 50% of those at Freedom Village were Labour/Green/Maori party supporters.

And Maori are double their usual representation, hardly a NAZI event.

Credit where credit is due. These Wellington Muslims are taking their part in New Zealand’s biggest peaceful protest against a government that has taken away from the freedoms they came here for. To suggest that anyone attending this event is supporting anything else other than an end to the mandates is wrong, but to label all attendees as NAZI’s (socialists), when an openly socialist government is what they are protesting against, is ludicrous.

The efforts of those who attend Freedom Village, peacefully standing for our traditional Kiwi values, even getting arrested for peacefully standing for these values, should be applauded, not denigrated.


  1. Very interesting indeed. I’ve met a handful of Muslims and Hindus at freedom rallies etc but they say the communities don’t feel they can speak up because they can’t be seen to oppose the government. How sad. It’s good for the rest of us to realise the tricky situation immigrants (even second generation) may feel they’re in, to not be able to stand up for their rights and freedoms. We’re all in this together and need one another. A new Community of NZers is forming throughout the country. Yay! Not a manufactured one, but an organic one. Yes we all need to be aware of the tactics of those who denigrate us all. Be safe

  2. Loving the diversity & inclusivity at the protest. Thank you for representing. Please be careful about stirring hate against those with masks though – at some protests there are immunocompromised with masks who are still against mandates. I encouraged my children to wear masks at the protest to avoid identification by facial recognition with police drones.

    This protest is a collection of people who Wellingtonians feel don’t belong, despite their narrative to the contrary. Elderly, children, the poor, Maori, religious people…none of these people fit in in Wellington, a city that is predominantly white, middle class, secular and young. They are grappling with how to denigrate the protestors without highlighting their own prejudices. Let them tie themselves up in knots.

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