Arrests save Ardern’s narrative

NZ media crew arrested,

To be clear, our own investigations into the Christchurch mosque shootings did not start until after two members of the New Zealand SIS came knocking accusing us of instigating Tarrants actions. We now understand how the deleting of remaining video evidence and Counterspin arrests save Ardern’s narrative in March 15, and restore her relationships with New Zealand’s Islamic community.

Up until we were investigated, we were only interesting in documenting Islamic sharia crimes here in New Zealand as they follow the Koran. After three years of being on the fringe of the Avondale mosque recruiting process, and a religious history degree, we knew what to look for, how Muslims think differently and redefine our terms, and overseas patterns of sharia enforcement.

By the time we started investigating what happened on March 15 2019, overseas sites were the only sources available for information. But since we were being blamed for the shooting anyway, we felt we needed to know what happened and see where we were mentioned. For more information on what happened when the police visited us recently, see the REPORT TO POLICE link in the top menu.

Which video was the Counterspin team arrested for?

According to the Counterspin press release, they were arrested for including a snippet of an overseas video in their own video to make a point that foreign media tell a different story than New Zealand media. We are not sure if Counterspin were aware that NZ Media conspired together to not investigate March 15 at all, but to only repeat Jacinda’s narrative. The Counterspin press release also makes it clear that they did not have the full length original video, but merely a commentary on either the original video or the manifesto.

Although the Counterspin press release does not say which video it was, but it could have been any one or more of the following:

1. videos covering the details of the manifesto not available in NZ: for example that Tarrant admired Communist China and hated Conservatives (who the NZ gov’t attempted to blame, like ourselves). Apparently Tarrant also supported socialist agendas.

2. videos covering the motivations of Tarrant: His witnessing overseas atrocities, and then returning to see the Dunedin Mosque video, which incidentally is still widely available, which he claimed change his mind to attack in NZ (as we saw in the aftermath, Islam is united worldwide). Overseas Islamic leaders also acknowledged that Islamic terror attacks motivated Christchurch attack.

3. Alleged eye witness video claiming that there was more than one shooter at the second mosque (this also raises the question do local NZ Muslims ever lie just to get the limelight?) .

4. A video detailing how the office timeline of the shooting did not allow enough time for Tarrant to travel between the mosques. Apparently even trying to follow google maps routes does not allow enough time according to tests done in this video.

5. A video claiming that the electronically locking security doors that trapped people inside had just been installed and yet also switched off (or disconnected). Apparently the technicians car was parked outside at the start of the video but not at the end. The video clip of the car registration also appeared to show Tarrant moving past some people outside the mosque without shooting them, and they were acting if everything was normal.

6. Several videos claiming people inside the mosque were using mobile phones to independently film what was happening in the mosques after the shootings. These also claimed to show corpses moving.

7. videos from members of the mosque who were not there claiming that they did not believe the official story. These included several videos of mosque members claiming that an injured man actually had his injuries before the shooting and was just faking for a payout. The video shows him in hospital before the shooting with his injuries, on crutches after the shooting, but partying up without them overseas on holiday after the payout.

8. videos from overseas news outlets showing Tarrant’s travel patterns to Islamic countries which hinted that Tarrant may be the opposing Islamic sect to the one who controls the Mosque.

9. Overseas news outlet videos also claimed Tarrant was a Jewish spy working for Jewish secret service. (Ironically we had both claims leveled at us by local Muslims via various visits of the SIS and NZ Police after the attack – firstly that we were were a Jewish sponsored website – and also that we were NAZIs – ie: socialists who hate Jews! We are not socialists, and we do not hate anyone!)

10. videos showing how Tarrant moved from inside the mosque to outside to shoot a single person, then went back inside to resume his shooting. Apparently this happened more than once. These videos claim Tarrant was helped by people wearing red clothes who were talking to him on his headset, or motioning at him through windows.

To be clear, we do not know which video they had included part of in their commentary, it could even have been a different one altogether. (All of these videos were at one time widely circulated, a couple even included on this site at one stage, but long since deleted or dropped when our previous hosting was taken down.)

What’s at stake for Ardern?

While Jacinda Ardern is only ever worried about her public perception, the ripples may overflow the pond.

Because it appears that Ardern constructed her narrative with the assistance of FIANZ, New Zealand’s Islamic Community leaders and controllers of our international export industry, and international Islamic leaders, the effects would be global.

While local Muslims together personally gained millions in cash, welfare, and even citizenship, people died. Yes those who died were celebrated as martyrs by the global Islamic community. That may have eased some of the pain.

These arrests save Ardern’s narrative, ensuring it remains intact.

But people died, fathers died, husbands died, children died. For what? Why?

There is a possibility that the revelation of an alternative narrative will shake the Islamic community here in NZ to it’s core.

This would mean that their imams have lied to them. What else have their often Saudi backed imams lied about for money? Could the Standard Islamic Narrative also be false?

The revelations their imams have lied to them about the reasons why their family members were killed could lead to shock waves of apostasy though out the Islamic community pond here in New Zealand. We don’t believe they will get violent, but they will leave Islam. These arrests save Ardern’s narrative, and hold the Islamic community together.

What did Ardern gain from the mosque shootings?

  1. International fame as a world leader
  2. backing to impose her gun control laws as a pattern for the rest of the world.
  3. backing to impose her global hate speech laws that saw even Donald Trump banned from twitter.
  4. re-elected a second time, backed by local immigrant community because of the payouts.
  5. she was able to advance the global socalist agenda she has held from her younger days, backed by the global corporations she claims to hate:

By our reading of the koran, one gets into Islamic paradise for defending Mohammad’s glory, not Jacinda’s.

How these arrests save Ardern’s narrative:

There is no longer any evidence available for an alternative narrative, therefore all is well in Ardern’s sharia paradise.

Footnote: If we’re not at church on Sunday, you could possibly guess why after reading this. In which case, any donations to our legal (or funeral) fees via the paypal link below would be appreciated.


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