Abu Tate was arrested previously for rape

Abu Andrew Tate was arrested previously for rape 7 years before his arrest in Romania. Even prior to his conversion to Islam, Abu Andrew was investigated over allegations of sexual assault and physical abuse in the UK, during which time he appeared on Big Brother for five days. But UK authorities declined to prosecute.

Abu Andrew follows the same MO as the UK grooming gangs, pretending to be their boyfriend, then exploiting women for sex.

Here’s a short bit on how Tate made his money in his webcam business:

Warning: This story and the accompanying video clips contain graphic descriptions of sexual assault and physical violence.

BUCHAREST, Romania – Notorious influencer Andrew Tate was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and physical abuse in 2015 while he and his brother were running a webcam sex business out of the UK, VICE World News can reveal.

It comes after Tate and his brother Tristan were remanded in custody in Romania until the end of January after being arrested by anti-organised crime police as part of a rape and human trafficking investigation. The Tate brothers’ lawyer is appealing the court order extending their detention.

Two women told VICE World News they were violently abused – one raped, the other repeatedly strangled – by Andrew Tate, and that UK police and the Crown Prosecution Service mishandled their case, leaving him free to rise to global fame on the back of his unchecked misogyny. Police took four years to pass their investigation to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) – whose job involves assessing whether there is a realistic prospect of conviction – at which point the CPS declined to prosecute.

In a statement issued via his lawyer in Romania, Tate denied assault or rape.

Romanian police said in late December, 2022, that they’d identified six people who were allegedly “sexually exploited” by an “organised criminal group” that “recruited” victims via false displays of affection known as the so-called “loverboy method,” forcing women to perform pornographic content via “physical violence and mental coercion.”

According to one woman VICE World News spoke to, whom we’re calling “Sally,” Tate used a similar method of emotional and physical control in his UK webcam business back in 2015, before relocating to Romania, but the CPS declined to prosecute the case.

“When I saw that he was arrested in Romania I was shocked and didn’t know how to react. I cried. Everything I read is what I told the police [at the time of the complaint]. If the CPS had just pulled their finger out, none of this would’ve happened,” Sally said. VICE World News is withholding the woman’s identity to prevent harassment and trolling by Tate’s supporters.

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