What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?

Ardern desires silence over truth, What's Jacinda Ardern hiding?, Dunedin terrorist prompts Arderns denial

The overseas media narratives of the Christchurch mosque shooting on March 15 2019 was so remarkably different than that of the NZ media narrative. We are therefore obligated to ask “What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?”. Her desperate and soon to be global ‘hate speech’ laws affect everyone.

For what reason and by who’s authority did these 51 people form Christchurch mosque die?

Will Brenton Tarrant be the next to die of suicide in a New Zealand prison and Ardern’s Government then claim that we can never know his version of the events and motivations of the day?

So what’s Jacinda Ardern hiding with her Christchurch Call sharia style laws that she has already introduced to NZ, and wishes to take roll out world wide?

Even some of the world’s top Islamic’s are saying it is factually incorrect and counter-productive to define Islamophobia as “rooted in racism,” and that to “prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West.” Yet those affected most by his actions cannot read about Tarrant’s motivation, we are told by our media that it’s “racism”.

What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding? According to overseas media reports, there was not enough gore to be picked up by software, no blood splatter or anything that would trigger automated internet censors in the banned video.

What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?

Within days of March 15, 2019 Ardern had the NZ media collectively and voluntarily agreeing not to investigate the event themselves, or reveal what was in either the manifesto or video.

Not only did she effectively gag the NZ media, but Ardern then allowed FIANZ to control the narrative of what motivated the March 15 event. FIANZ is the Saudi Islamic halal control authority that only came into existence, with support of the trade unions, when the Saudi’s objected to not getting any cash out of NZ’s Iran meat deal in the 1970’s.

It was through FIANZ, with support of the trade unions, that many hate preachers have entered NZ, through FIANZ financed national tours that allowed Isaac, aka Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga to recruit from both prisons and mosques for his Al-Qaeda wannbe group, the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association. It was also through FIANZ that the Christchurch mosque played it’s vital role in funding sending young Kiwi’s overseas, sometimes even to their death fighting for the Saudi’s.

It was FAINZ, with support of the trade unions, that for decades has organised protests around NZ against ‘Jews’ whom the Koran tells them to wipe from the face of the earth. Unless of course the Koran is not the book for instructing all Mohammads followers for all time. It’s important to note here, that the most common Arabic text of the Koran we have today was written in 1924 by Egyptian scholars. You can join the team at Quran100.com in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the eternal Koran in 2024!

Around the country beerless and porkless BBQ’s were held to draw in potential recruits Isaac and his Maori Muslim Association. Is the Catholic church corrupt with it’s pedo priests? Yes. Is the government controlled by big business corrupt? Yes. Do you believe there’s a God? Yes? Welcome to our club. You’ll be sent overseas to study, marry some Muslim women, and do some community service before returning home to become a distinguished leader in our community here.

It was through an invite via family connections to one of these events that the genesis of this website was birthed.

Daryl Jones, Christopher Harvard, both killed by a US drone in Yemen, and Mark John Taylor became household names as those recruited in NZ to jihad overseas. The Aotearoa Maori Muslims became Islamic State of NZ. This is normal Islam here in New Zealand. There were dozens of Kiwi’s in an ISIS database leaked in 2016. Apart from a couple of deaths, the rest are back here integrated into the local communities.

The Christchurch shooting was the largest foreign terrorist event on NZ soil in NZ’s history. And it’s media narrative has been controlled by FIANZ, in accordance with the wishes of Islamic State leadership here in NZ.

Indeed, even Jacinda’s recent UN speech against free speech as weapons of war mimicked an earlier speech by Christchurch imam Gamal Fouder.

So just what is Jacinda trying to hide with her ban of the manifesto and video?

We know that the NZ media narrative has not matched the overseas media narrative of the event. Could it be that the NZ media narrative we have been fed of the March 15 even is not the whole truth? Could some parts of the narrative be false? So now Jacinda needs to control both the world’s news outlets AND social media?

Interestingly, the Dunedin mosque video that overseas reports say caused Tarrant to choose a NZ target is still wide available on the internet, and has been for almost a decade.

Below is a list of some of the news content video’s that have been circulated about the Christchurch attack, but no longer available. Together they build a compelling argument that the narrative released by the NZ media is not the whole truth of what happened on March 15, and, more importantly, why it happened.

What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding?

1. videos covering the details of the manifesto not available in NZ: for example that Tarrant admired Communist China and hated Conservatives. Tarrant himself claimed he was a communist formerly in his manifesto, and currently socialist depending on the definition of socialism or more of an eco-fascist. Apparently Tarrant also supported socialist and ‘green’ political agendas. Within days Chinese had donated millions to the mosque. Yet Ardern continues to blame the ‘far right’.

2. videos covering the motivations of Tarrant: His witnessing overseas atrocities, and then returning to see the Dunedin Mosque video, which incidentally is still widely available, which he claimed change his mind to attack in NZ (as we saw in the aftermath, Islam is united worldwide). Overseas Islamic leaders also acknowledged that Islamic terror attacks motivated Christchurch attack.

3. An alleged eye witness video claiming that there was more than one shooter at the second mosque. This also raises the question do local NZ Muslims ever lie just to get the limelight? The Koran tells them to lie to advance the cause of Islam.

4. A video detailing how the office timeline of the shooting did not allow enough time for Tarrant to travel between the mosques. Apparently even trying to follow google maps routes does not allow enough time according to tests done in this video.

5. A video claiming that the electronically locking security doors that trapped people inside had just been installed, and yet also switched off (or disconnected). Apparently the technicians car was parked outside at the start of the video but not at the end. The video clip of the car registration also appeared to show Tarrant moving past some people outside the mosque without shooting them, and they were acting if everything was normal.

6. Several videos claiming people inside the mosque were using mobile phones to independently film what was happening in the mosques after the shootings. These also claimed to show “corpses” moving.

7. videos from members of the mosque who were not present during the shooting, claiming that they did not believe the official story. These included several videos of mosque members claiming that an injured man actually had his injuries before the shooting and was just faking for a payout. The video shows him in hospital before the shooting with his injuries, on crutches after the shooting, but partying up without them overseas on holiday after the payout.

8. videos from overseas news outlets showing Tarrant’s travel patterns to Islamic countries which hinted that Tarrant may be a member of an opposing Islamic sect to the one who controls the Mosque. These videos show photos of Tarrant relaxing in the company of people from different ethnicities, hardly a white supremacist.

9. Overseas news outlet videos also claimed Tarrant was a Jewish spy working for Jewish secret service. (Ironically we had both claims leveled at us by local Muslims via various visits of the SIS and NZ Police after the attack – firstly that we were were a Jewish sponsored website – and also that we were NAZIs – ie: Socialists who hate Jews! We are not Socialists, and we do not hate anyone!)

10. videos showing how Tarrant moved from inside the mosque to outside to shoot a single person, then went back inside to resume his shooting. Apparently this happened more than once. These videos claim Tarrant was helped by people wearing red clothes who were talking to him on his headset, or motioning to him through mosque windows.

What’s Jacinda Ardern hiding? It is these last series of videos that provide the most evidence that the official narrative of the main stream media is NZ is incorrect. Tarrant had assistance. NZ Muslims know this, yet they keep quiet about it, presumably because they will get the censorship (blasphemy) laws they  require to keep Islam happy under sharia law in Western countries.

One final issue needs to be raised. That is this: do we trust the NZ government to ever release that actual original footage? or will it only ever be what they want us to see?


  1. ChCh was a police Black-Op/False-Flag incident that allowed Arderns corrupt Labour party to disarm NZ Citizens …… !
    They screwed up the operation so bad with the “guys in red jackets” , an him running out the mosque twice to shoot people , that this video will ecpose the Black-Op/False-Flag. Mac Egan’s analysis of the whole vid is on Rumble …. Watch it ! It’s a shocker !

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