Raids uncover firearms supply ring for Islamic State

These raids in Australia uncover yet another firearms supply ring for Islamic State. You will see from this site that NZ shares the same Islamic teachers & organisations as Australia.  While many in NZ freely admit to supporting Islamic State, the NZ police have never bothered to investigate any of the financial transactions sent overseas from the organisations they represent. The donations from foreign governments to the Christchurch mosques last year were cleverly laundered back overseas without any financial account.

Three Sydney men have been charged with more than 70 offences after an investigation into the alleged possession of illegal military-style guns by a group with suspected extremist ideology.
The trio, aged 26, 29, and 30, are due to face a Sydney bail court today after their arrest yesterday by counter-terror police.
Police seized 14 weapons over the course of the five-month investigation including an MK15 assault rifle, a pump-action shotgun and a 9mm Glock pistol.
One of the weapons seized by police. (NSW Police)
Three men – aged 26, 29, and 30 – have been charged. (NSW Police)
Two banana magazines and 523 rounds of ammunition were also found.
One man, a 29-year-old from Bankstown, is facing 45 charges including 18 counts of offering to supply a pistol to a person unauthorised to possess it.
The other men, a 30-year-old from Condell Park and a 26-year-old East Hills, also face gun supply charges.
None face terrorism charges.
The men are facing weapon supply charges. (NSW Police)
Police said there was no evidence of plans for a terror attack. (NSW Police)
523 rounds of ammunition were also seized. (NSW Police)
Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Scott Lee said the investigation began in January following reports of a person with “extremist sympathies”, who was allegedly “aligned to the Islamic State ideology”, supplying firearms.
“We’ve captured evidence in terms of the extremist beliefs that are consistent with Islamic State and that’s obviously part of the information that we obtained that caused us such concern,” Mr Lee said,
“There’s no evidence (the man involved wanted to join ISIS) … but certainly the evidence is that he’s supportive of ISIS and was looking to provide funds to Islamic State if possible.”
Mr Lee also said there was no evidence of any plan to mount a terrorist attack.

Raids uncover firearms supply ring for Islamic State
Three men charged and 14 guns seized in counter-terrorism operation


  1. “no evidence of any plan to mount a terrorist attack.” no, these weapons were just for ordinary islamic crime and intimidation through the neighbourhood.

    Can’t help wondering if Tarrant was just sick of this stuff happening and nothing being done about stopping the motivations of Islamic State. Western people don’t appear to realise that ordinary Islam is about living in an Islamic State, Islamic community, ummah, whatever you call it, one controlled by Islamic ideals and islamic people as found in the koran, hadiths, sira, etc.

  2. When they try they will die. It’s a good job the AFP is catching these dogs but the Government needs to Stop importing this Vermin to our nation.

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