Our Police visit tops 2021 Islamic State Watch site stats

Most viewed posts of 2021:

1. Dear Muslims of New Zealand this is what happens when you complain to the police that the LynnMall stabbing were caused by our white supremacy, and not by someone reading the Koran which commands you to stab the kaffur. The police come and visit us. And after many, many, of these visits since March 15, we have streamlined our presentation to their repetitive questions. Read it for yourselves! Thanks for making Our Police visit tops 2021 NZ Islamic State Watch site stats!

2. Christchurch shooters myth is revisited by Max Igan, who raises the great point that everyone initially picked up on, but then no one has spoken about since: Tarrant had helpers.

3. Did Gower motivate the LynnMall terrorist? While also giving us a heads up himself that another attack was coming…

4. Refugees live-streamed honour beating. Only in NZ can families who do this still retain their children…

5. Sri Lankan Easter Bombings were financed from NZ refugee.

6. Auckland Jihadi march against Israel. These videos feature many of those listed in the website tags at the bottom of this page. See how many of the local Aotearoa jihadi you can spot.

7. SJW links far right with LynnMall terrorist attack. Byron Clark has obviously never read the Quran.

8. Arden imports jihadi welfare bride and her entire family.

9. Dunedin mosque video that sparked Tarrant still available. Assuming what the media have told us is correct, there certainly was a video on the Dunedin Mosque facebook page, and it’s still popular with Muslims all around the world. Perhaps the only inaccuracy in this video is that it does not account for the thousands of Muslims leaving Islam each week after investigating Quran’s claims in the light of history!

10. New Zealander leads Taliban PR: No surprises here, NZ Muslims have played an integral part in the global jihadi since the Saudi backed World Muslim League entered into NZ politics in the 1970’s.

Most viewed pages:

1. Education defeats Ideology! Resources to free oneself from the darkness.

2. Submission: our submission to the NZ Government on the proposed hate speech laws.

3. A case against teaching Islam in schools. A reply to the NZ media pushing for teaching Islam in schools.

4. Celebrating the Eternal Quran 100 year anniversary! Join us in 2024 as we celebrate 100 years of the creation of the eternal unchanged Quran* which is identical to the one in paradise with Allah by the Egyptian scholars. *The official standard Arabic text has been changed many times since, however we can’t wait forever for a 100 year anniversary party!

5. Compile: the long history of faithful Canterbury muslims. Muslims attending the Christchurch mosques have contributed much to the colour of New Zealand society in the last decades.here we highlight a few of them.

Top 10 people tagged:

(site wide, since 2015, this list has changed little, with the exceptional addition of Samsudeen, who knocked off Ahmed Zaoui)

1. Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga a.k.a. Isaac, Eden, and 101 other names. Former World Top 500 Muslim member, promotes a fly/study/marry/’serve’ programme to wannabe jihadis as leader of Islamic State here in New Zealand.

2. Mark John Taylor Just an ordinary kiwi who flew, studied, married and ‘served’ in the Muslim world.

3. Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen Another ordinary NZ Muslim, now with his 72 virgins.

4. Anjum Rahman Leader and advocate for those Muslims like Samsudeen who are imprisoned here in NZ for their faith.

5. Anwar Ghani lead representative of the Saud faith here in NZ.

6. Sonny Bill Williams Promoter of the faith, former World Top 500 Muslim.

7. Gamal Fouda politiciser of the Saud faith here in NZ.

8. Abu Abdullah Defender of the Saud faith.

9. Daryl Jones and Christopher Harvard Ordinary lads who flew, studied and ‘served’ in the Muslim world. Didn’t get to marry, but EACH gained 72 virgins instead.

10. Mustafa Farouk

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