Christchurch shooters myth is revisited

Tarrant Linked To Left-Wing GroupsChristchurch shooters myth is revisited

The 2019 Christchurch shooters myth is revisited in yet another online mini-doco, this time by Max Igan, covering evidence that contradict the claim that he had no assistance.

The video clips Igan pulls, allegedly from the live stream show Tarrant, in the middle of the mosque, return outside to shoot a single person escaping, and then go back in and continue. This happens twice. How does he know anyone is escaping when he is in the middle of something else? He can’t see what’s happening on the other side of the building can he?

It was the initial gut feeling of the Muslim community, and many in New Zealand, that he could not have pulled this off alone. Yet after the government visiting every white person who had ever said “boo” about Islamic terrorist, child marriages etc here in NZ, not a single accomplice was found. The Islamic community have accepted millions in welfare and the silencing of their critics, so they’re placated while Arderns government has enacted some of the strongest social engineering laws in world history.

It appears NZ Muslims have been conned by the very person they are trying to con.

The latest video in which the Christchurch shooters myth is revisited can be found here: Christchurch Mosque Shooting – The Indisputable Facts

[videopress IYMh6Utf]

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This video was released on the 25th of March, less than two weeks after the shooting. None of the questions raised have been answered since.

[videopress 7plP1VPP]

Tarrant was 100 percent wrong in his actions, there has never been a time when more Muslims are leaving Islam after receiving an education and reading the Islamic Sources for themselves. It’s easy to see the Quran and earliest Islamic sources do not say what the local Imams claim it says! Education easily defeats Islamic ideology.

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  1. I don’t think there’s much that is new in this video, apart from (1) Some additional info on the car parked to the left of the entrance of Al Noor, and (2) The info on the turquoise car. Actually, the gunman’s car, while parked early in the “live stream”, is passed by THREE turquoise cars in succession (how likely is that?), before he drives off behind a fourth turquoise car – but not immediately behind it, as another car interposes itself.

    Interestingly, Max Igan says nothing about the two people standing beside the mosque gate as the gunman approaches the mosque for the first time. The man is Mohamed Jama; the woman has not, to the best of my knowledge, been identified. Although they are both clearly Muslims, the gunman does not shoot them. Why?

    Igan now suggests the people at the two ends of the prayer hall were real people (i.e. not dummies) who reacted to the “shooting” by freezing. In the “live stream” we do, indeed, see huddled figures that appear to fall from crouching positions. Does that prove that they are real? Maybe, maybe not.

    Have you seen this earlier video, in which Igan and Jim Fetzer argue heatedly over various details?

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