Sri Lankan Easter Bombings were financed from NZ refugee

Few other countries are as sympathetic to terrorism as New Zealand is. As world media identify that the Sri Lankan Easter Bombings were financed from NZ now resident refugees, our own media, renowned for promoting terrorism, paint this latest ‘refugee’ as a ‘victim’. If anything, this proves that ordinary Muslims here in NZ know neither their religion or the true intentions of their peers.

Repeatedly the Qurans handed out in Aotea Square admonishes the reader that it is a clear guidance and those who love Allah should follow the example of the prophet.

Quran 4:100. And whoever emigrates for the cause of God will find on the earth many [alternative] locations and abundance. And whoever leaves his home as an emigrant to God and His Messenger and then death overtakes him – his reward has already become incumbent upon God.

Ever since FIANZ subjugated this country to the terror sponsoring World Muslim League in 1979, New Zealand has been the destination of choice for those supporting terrorism. First with Ahmed Zaoui and those Uyghurs fighting for ISIS, right up until Golriz Ghahraman, Behrouz Boochani and others have entered, New Zealand has accepted and nurtured those who engaged in, recruited for, and financed terrorism.

Quran 2:225. God does not impose blame upon you for what is unintentional in your oaths,

And let’s not the forget LynnMall terrorist Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen, who proves it’s common for those claiming refugee status here to freely go back home because their claims were always bogus.

Quran 4:95. Not equal are those believers remaining [at home] – other than the disabled – and the mujahideen, [who strive and fight] in the cause of God with their wealth and their lives. God has preferred the mujahideen through their wealth and their lives over those who remain [behind], by degrees. And to all [i.e., both] God has promised the best [reward]. But God has preferred the mujahideen over those who remain [behind] with a great reward – 96. Degrees [of high position] from Him and forgiveness and mercy.

To be fair, Kiwi Muslims will tell you face to face that they are not real Muslims, and they will deny that the Sri Lankan Easter Bombings were financed from NZ refugees.

This from RNZ:
A man who may have unknowingly helped funnel money to terrorists behind the Easter bombings in Sri Lanka has been granted refugee status in New Zealand.

The Immigration and Protection Tribunal found the man was not involved in supporting terrorist goals and did not know who the money went to or came from.

It heard he carried out several transactions a month in a money transfer scheme involving his mother-in-law overseas and a foreign broker.

His Tamilian wife was arrested and beaten after the 2019 bombings as police tried to find him. She was released after a bribe was paid, and the couple went into hiding.

They flew to New Zealand on false passports, and were granted refugee status in June on appeal.

The tribunal ruled their evidence was “credible, consistent and compelling”.

“Both the wife and the husband fear harm at the hands of the Sri Lankan authorities because the husband has been associated with a money transfer scheme which the authorities believe may have been connected to people involved in the Easter 2019 terrorist attacks.

“The tribunal is satisfied that the husband was not involved in the scheme to support Islamist terrorist goals or views, nor is he aware if any money he deposited went to, or came from, people who may have supported such views.

“Given the ongoing pressure the government faces to prosecute those responsible for funding and carrying out the attacks, it cannot be assumed that the authorities will not use torture and mistreatment to extract from the husband a confession or information that he does not genuinely hold.”

The husband’s knowledge of the money transfer business in which he was involved was “rudimentary”, it said. He was not a broker but a courier who retrieved the cash from brokers in Colombo and deposited it at banks, with account details given to him by a foreign broker via his mother-in-law.

It was a side business that lasted almost a year but the authorities saw him as a traitor, he told the tribunal.

“Although the husband is Sinhalese, [the overseas] broker was a Sri Lankan Muslim, and the fact that the wife’s sister is married to a Muslim may have also raised flags for the authorities.

“Based on what the police told his wife, the authorities believe that he has helped finance terrorists involved in the Easter bombings. The husband thinks it might be possible that some of the accounts into which he deposited money were somehow linked to people involved in the attacks, but he has no idea about this nor does he have known connection to anyone associated with the attacks.”

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  1. The govts, regardless of party, have given away too much of N.Z., in numerous ways, thus it is difficult to instil pride.
    Islam is cunning, convincing Maori that Pakeha are their joint enemies, twisting laws for their favour. If only Muslims would read the Q’ran, and learn the lies they have been told, the suffering that has been committed in their name.

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