Part 2: Media encourage terrorism by withholding news

The NZ media encourage terrorism by withholding news in NZ that would lead to any doubts about Islamic faith and practice. This part two in our series of how the New Zealand media strengthen a jihad’s self belief that he has the support of the local Islamic community and indeed the whole community. By withholding news that would lead to any doubts in the public’s mind about Islamic faith and practice, local media encourages potential terrorists to follow the Quran’s calls to jihad, thereby attaining paradise by the only way the Quran guarantees: death while on jihad.  This is another good reason why New Zealand is the country most muslims prefer to live in.

NZ media blame the people for their mental health, not their instruction book.

Media encourage terrorism by withholding news of terrorism

That New Zealand media consistently promote Islam in this country, praising Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other Islamic nations for the millions given to promote Islam in New Zealand is extremely encouraging to potential terrorists like Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen. The average New Zealander would not know that there have been over 39973 terrorist attacks in the last two decades. This figure does not include those killed during wars, like the one Yemenese one where Saudi bring in foreigners like Kiwi Daryl Jones who was radicalised in Christchurch.

To be fair, New Zealand Islamic academics will claim terrorism and jihad is not real Islam, and people who follow the Clear Quran are not real Muslims. When discussing the Saudi war with Yemen local Muslim leaders, even Salaifi ones, will publicly claim the Saudi’s are not real Muslims, while simultaneously upholding the leading Saudi Scholars are being rightly guided, and accepting Saudi money for the propagation of mosques while distributing the free literature in this country.

After over at least five decades of reporting on Islamic issues here in New Zealand, our media have not yet picked up on this disjoint, and instead endlessly repeat the Standard Islamic Narrative (S.I.N). The S.I.N. states that Islam means peace and sharia is compatible with western culture and lifestyle. To justify Islamic behaviour in committing jihad, local Kiwi Muslims will claim Jesus preached Jihad as Muhammad did.

New Zealand media are silent of the plight of the West Papuan Christian tribes against the Indonesian military. Indonesia is one of our largest Halal trading partners.

It is because the New Zealand media withhold foreign news of these ongoing Islamic military battles, like the ones in Yemen and West Papua, while daily pumping news of pro-jihad wars against kaffur, like in Israel, that local wanna-be terrorists are emboldened to follow the Qurans commands to strike terror into the hearts of unbelievers, as their prophet did.

NZ Media encourage extremism by silencing news of rape jihad

New Zealand media refuse to report on the on-going revelations of the British government/police/media cover-up of decades child sexual abuse. This despite having all information available and reporting on those who protesting outside the British government’s office on Queen Street.

One would think that the court trials and discussions exposing how the British government, police and media covered up the rape jihadi of over one million British girls would be big news. It was in other countries around the world. But not in New Zealand.

Instead, the NZ media demonise those out protesting against  the government and media cover up of child sexual abuse. Muslims get away with rape jihad in western countries because of media fears of being termed as racists by their social justice warrior peers.

Similarly, Kiwi women reporting rapes are often ignored or dismissed by police for exactly the same reasons. Those wishing to follow the behaviour of their prophet capitalise on this silence, because to a Muslim, silence is consent. The penalty for non-consent is of course death, but that’s sharia.

Terrorism is promoted by withholding news commentary

This most recent jihad attack by Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen is the best example of this. NZ Media will enlist commentary from the Christchurch mosque recruiting NZ terrorists killed overseas to say this attack is not Islamic. New Zealand media will run commentary by Donna Miles-Mojab blaming the west for Islamic Jihad while ignoring the fact that jihad is the eternal struggle commanded by the Quran. NZ media then turn off all social media comments and refuse to run alternative commentary that speaks out against the cause of this violence or the S.I.N. In sharia, silence is considered consent.

Foreign media will on occasion run statements by apologists such as Staquf and Obama questioning what part the Quran plays in promoting terrorism, and New Zealand based chat sessions may briefly bring up the question of if they brought March 15 on themselves,but this news commentary never makes mainstream media.

In Islam, silence is consent, and this silence of NZ media who withhold global news on terrorism, rape jihad and commentaries contrary to the S.I.N. is extremely encouraging to those terrorists who seek to follow the Quran such as Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen.

This is the second part of a series on how the New Zealand media have encouraged Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen in his journey to radicalisation while he lived here in New Zealand. The first part can be found here:

Tomorrow: Examples of how the New Zealand media encourage terrorism by harassing those who speak out against the S.I.N.


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