Wellington Apex-styled gang accused of sexual assault, violence

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Although Melbourne apex style gangs have been operating in NZ for a while (close knit family-ethnic immigrant communities trading sexual assaults for drugs), the media have been slow, and often refuse, to label them for what they are for fear of being called ‘racist’.

Police are making enquiries into multiple allegations against three Wellington musicians accused of rape, sexual assault and violence.

The accusations have been made on social media.

One woman who spoke out about their behaviour online said in a follow-up post she had received more than 100 responses from women, men, and minors detailing similar attacks.

The woman was given permission to re-post those accusations online, providing the names of those making the accusations remained anonymous.

Many of the allegations include druggings, being chased by the men, sexual assaults and rape of people who were sleeping or passed out, and physical violence and threats.

Police are encouraging anyone who has information to contact them.

And they are urging the public not to include names or personal details on social media posts.

Wellington musicians accused of sexual assault, violence

Police are calling on people to speak with them after at least 60 people shared their experiences on social media alleging they had been sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, drugged or raped by a group of Wellington musicians.

A flood of social media posts occurred overnight.

On Tuesday, a police spokeswoman said they were aware of the allegations and were making inquiries.

The claims allege sexual abuse on both women and men, some as young as 13 years old, most in Wellington but some in Auckland and overseas.

“Police would urge people not to name names or post personal details on social media and instead give any relevant detail to police, so we can make appropriate inquiries,” the spokeswoman said.

Anyone who has information can contact police via 105.

Police did not comment on the number of people who had come forward and made reports on the matter.

Local musicians have also taken to their social media platforms to encourage people to speak out about any instances of sexual abuse.

A former manager of one of the musicians said they were learning about the allegations as they were being posted to social media.

The former manager said they had not spoken to the musician for four months.

Public urged to contact police after allegations of rape posted on social media against Wellington musicians