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Top articles from Islamic States NZ 2020 expansion.

The news that you’ll never see in main stream media is that NZ “far right” agree wholeheartedly with Muslim academics.

The top stories from 2020, according to website views.

Wellington Apex-styled gang accused of sexual assault, violence

Video : NZ halal Islamics break NZ virus laws!!!

Auckland shop owner Mohammed Islam kept workers in ‘economic and social slavery’

REVEALED: New Zealand Attacker WASN’T ‘Far Right’, He Was Linked To Left-Wing Groups

Christchurch imam seeks to end Free Speech in NZ

So which cowardly jihadi left a fake bomb on an Auckland train today?

Police probe bribery claims surrounding NZ’s main Muslim halal organisation: fianz!

Mosque attack used as reason to change NZ National Anthem “God of Nations”!

NZ’s mainstream Islamic Supremacist media attacks Kiwi Hindus.

Gamal Fouda: Rights of Husband حق الزوج

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