FIANZ Halal Certification Documentary – Full Version.

New Zealand supplies its meat products and dairy products to a number of countries.

FIANZ undertakes a successful and cost-effective management of Halal certification service. There’s no disruption to meat production in slaughter meat companies supervised by FIANZ.

Here’s some Statistics that speak volumes of FIANZ activities:

FIANZ had certified in excess of 300 thousand tonnes of Halal meat originating from 39 plants in New Zealand (35 of meat and 4 of poultry). Today over 80% of plants in New Zealand are supervised by FIANZ bringing the total dollar value of Halal meat export to about $300 million.

Total No of Certificates Issued by FIANZ number around 9,000 annually

FIAZN halal certification is fully recognised by all Muslim countries in the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and Muslim organisations throughout the world with 45 Countries Recognising FIANZ Certification

Presently there are a total 180 Muslim slaughtermen working in various plants. Halal certification service by FIANZ has immensely assisted New Zealand meat industries to export their products to Muslim countries and also provide employment to Muslims in these industries. Over the years, FIANZ had accredited over 1200 Muslim slaughtermen.

Other Halal Accreditations (Processed Food And Halal Food Outlets) number over 100.

Located in the South Pacific, New Zealand is a country of approximately 4.2 million people, of whom about thirty thousands are Muslims. The first Muslims arrived here in 1874. They were of Chinese origin involved in the mining industry but when the industry declined they left. The first permanent Muslim residents settled in the 1900s in and around the city of Auckland. Over a period of time, the various regional Muslim groups and organisations came together to form the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) in April 1979.

Thanks to FIANZ New Zealand is also home to the world’s largest Halal Slaughter Houses spread all over the country. Over the last 27 years FIANZ has been successful in achieving its goals. It has become the national organisation in bringing solidarity among the Muslim Ummah of New Zealand, thus fulfilling its local and global obligations.

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FIANZ Halal Certification Documentary – Full Version