Dunedin terrorist prompts Arderns denial

Todays Dunedin terrorist prompts Arderns denial to the media that NZ has any issues with Islamic terrorism. Ardern is correct, this is not Islamic terrorism. It is ordinary Islamic behaviour, as we have seen from the many previous knife attacks by Muslims here in southern New Zealand. It was also the Dunedin Muslims that spurred the Christchurch terror attack with their Islamic supremacist video on facebook. While it is uncharacteristic for New Zealand’s PM to comment on ordinary every-day criminal activity, world leaders are repeatedly speaking out when Muslims are involved to assure everyone they’re not terrorists, such as this ‘Not a terrorist’ ordinary Muslim stabber shot by Brisbane police. The other common media claim is that they “are not real Muslims”. These sort of ‘mental health issues’ are the new normal for our multicultural society.

It should be noted that violence is not required to defeat Islamic terrorism, only education. There has never been a time in history when more Muslims are leaving Islam because they have read the source material, previously hidden by their imams, for themselves. Without any ordinary Muslims encouraging terrorists that the their prophet is the perfect example of a man, sharia is the perfect law, and providing their finances, terrorists would have neither resources or encouragement to pursue their 72 virgins. Education defeats Islamic ideology.

Some of the more memorable southern stabbing events are:
2019: Maori Muslim attacks police car and chases cop with tomahawk
2018: Halal butcher Sainey Marong’s slaughter of Renee Duckmanton
2018: Refugee attacks psych nurse with knife
2018: Christchurch teens plot foiled
2012: Somali jihadi knifes a couple before being shot by police  (same guy in Mt Roskill attack a decade earlier?)
2008: Woman hijacks plane with knife

More examples of everyday Muslim knife attacks from the rest of NZ can be found here.
Todays Dunedin terrorist prompts Arderns denial is below:

Bystanders who helped tackle a knife-wielding man who went on a rampage inside a Dunedin supermarket have been hailed as heroes by police.

Three people are critically injured and fighting for their lives in intensive care after being repeatedly stabbed in the attack at a Countdown supermarket in the central city on Monday afternoon.

Another person suffered a serious injury, and all four are being treated in Dunedin Hospital. Among the victims are a couple.

Police believe it was a random attack, while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said there was nothing to suggest it was a domestic terror event.

In a press conference on Monday evening Southern District Commander Superintendent Paul Basham said officers were seeking to establish the identity of the victims and contact their next-of-kin.

The alleged offender, believed to be a male aged about 40, was also injured and is receiving medical attention in Dunedin Hospital, where he is under police guard.

He is yet to be formally spoken to or charged, though is expected to be taken to a police station on Monday night and to appear in court on Tuesday.

Asked what charges the man was likely to face, Basham replied that it was a serious stabbing and at a minimum it was wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

“God forbid that the status of those victims deteriorates overnight, and then we would be looking at something else. But let’s hope that’s not the case.”

Basham would not be drawn on if the alleged offender was a “vagrant”, saying he could not comment.

Police were still working to understand the motivations for the stabbing, but they believed it was a “random attack”, describing it as “fast-moving and extremely traumatic” for everyone at the supermarket.

Emergency services including armed police were scrambled after the incident unfolded at the Countdown supermarket in Cumberland St, not far from the Octagon in the central city, at 2.30pm.

Witnesses described hearing loud screaming before seeing a man brandishing two knives in a pharmacy in the supermarket

One witness at the supermarket told Stuff: “It just sounded like someone fell over and then screaming got louder and louder.

“We walked past the aisle and we heard someone say, ‘he has got a knife’, so we just kept moving forward.”

Asked what the person looked like, the man said: “Curly hair, quite a messy little fellow.”

It is understood a woman received stab wounds to her hands, while another person had to be revived inside the supermarket.

Shopper Jenny McDowell told TV3’s The Project she was in the supermarket when she heard screaming and swearing.

“I looked up and there was a man stabbing a woman – she had blood around her head,” she told the show.

She said several other people tried to stop the man, some of them throwing things at him.

Two people were then attacked by the man, she told The Project. “They were heroes, they really were.”

McDowell said she tried to help one of the victims, alongside a Countdown worker.

“The man just kept asking if his wife was OK,” she told The Project.

The Otago Daily Times reported members of the public pinned down the offender, but he was able to wrestle his way free before police arrived.

A witness told the ODT a man was arrested and was walked to the Dunedin central police station, next door to the supermarket, covered in blood.

RNZ reported a witness saying the attacker was carrying two knives.

A Stuff reporter at the scene said the incident appeared to have unfolded in a pharmacy within the supermarket, where items were strewn across an aisle, and that police forensics officers and a photographer were concentrating on that area.

Pharmacy workers looked shaken and hugged each other when they emerged from the building soon among Countdown staff soon after the incident, one saying only that it was “scary”.

A Wellington woman on her first visit to Dunedin described the chilling events that unfolded in a post online.

The woman said her family was a few aisles away from the attack, which she believed happened in the pharmacy, when she heard screaming that sounded like it was coming from a child.

“A lady was freaking out telling everyone to run,” she wrote on Facebook.

The woman said she ran outside along with everyone else and saw the alleged perpetrator covered in blood.

Former prison inmate and armed robber Arthur Taylor said he was going shopping with his girlfriend for supplies for the evening’s dinner when he came across the incident.

“Suddenly, police came powering into the supermarket [car park]. Some poor buggers had been stabbed and people were in shock. I started videoing a lot of it in case it was needed.

“They took the guy away covered in blood – it won’t be his own blood. Police were all around him. They got there very fast. I saw two brought out in stretchers and then police started putting up tape around the place. Then the ambulances began arriving.

“It brings home how these things affect people. Not just the people hurt but the ripple effects.”

Countdown’s managing director Spencer Sonn said the company was “shocked and devastated” by the events, and that its priority was “our injured team members and caring for our wider team in the wake of this extremely traumatic event”.

“We are deeply upset that customers who tried to help our team members were also injured,” Sonn said.

“We have been concerned about the escalating violence towards our team, and this is something we have continued to talk and raise as an issue over the last year.

“Our amazing team comes to work to serve Kiwis every day, and our customers visit our stores knowing that they will be safe.

“We are heartbroken that this wasn’t the case today.”

The store would remain closed for at least the next two days, he said.

“The victims who were injured, those present who tried to intervene and those who fled to a place of safety.”

A security guard who worked at the Countdown store from 2014 to 2018 said she was not surprised the stabbings had happened and said it was not the first time there had been a serious assault at the supermarket.

“Quite frankly I’m afraid it won’t be the last.”

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she had been physically attacked on at least three occasions and that she had had to restrain customers and protect staff several times because of threatening behaviour.

“I’ve seen young female staff members pushed and spat on as well as verbally abused.”

First Union secretary for retail and finance Tali Williams said the union understood two workers were in a critical condition in hospital.

“Staff are understandably shaken and terrified by today’s events.”

She said everyone deserved to go to work and come home safely. “This is a sad and devastating time for workers and their local community.”

A local organiser is meeting with members to support them and discuss what they needed.

Williams said it was important workers received the paid time off they needed to recover, whether they were directly involved or not.

Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins said he was “deeply shocked and concerned” by the events.

“This isn’t the kind of thing we expect to happen in our city or indeed anywhere in the country.

“Our thoughts are very much with the victims and their families at this stage, and also the staff and the customers who are witness to this.

“Nobody should feel like they should be hurt in their place of work, or doing everyday errands, like grocery shopping.”

Hawkins said the most chilling thing about the attack was “that it could have been any of us, or our families”.

Despite the heavy police presence at the scene people were still trying to get into the supermarket hours after the incident, forcing police to turn at least 20 people away.

The supermarket remained locked down on Monday evening as police carried out an extensive scene examination.

Basham encouraged anyone with information, including video footage of the incident, to get in touch with the police.

Stabbing in Dunedin: Hero bystanders tackle knifeman in supermarket attack that leaves three fighting for life



  1. Notice how they have replaced the face of the black man, with a white guy in sons of anarchy tshirt. blame us patriots again! fueling this false narrative of ”White Supremacists”. I saw on Newshub last night, it was a black man, which did not have a sons of anarchy tshirt.

    1. there are plenty of Kiwi Euro converts down in the southern regions. they’re drawn to the fact that drugs are not haram, only alcohol, endless medical cert’s for welfare, plotting rebellion against teh evil capitalist popish empire, living the dream. my whanau are some of them.

      1. I dont doubt that, but the footage I saw was of them covering a black face, soon to realise it somehow changed to a tall white man with ginger hair.

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