Kilbirnie mosque to indoctrinate police

New Zealand taxpayers are paying for the Kilbirnie mosque to indoctrinate police as further appeasement to the Christchurch shooting.

There is only one reason why these courses should not be taken. Quite simply: the truth about Islam can never be taught. Usually a part of these “courses” is to repeat the shahada in Arabic. The tragedy is that already many Kiwi women are suffering the same fate as their UK counterparts, being accused of racism when they report crimes by Muslim men. This was demonstrated by how quickly the media shut down the “Wellington musicians” scandal in Wellington less than a year ago.

The Federation of Islamic Associations invited them to the Kilbirnie mosque in Wellington this week.

Police say the federation asked them to consider taking an orientation on Islam and Muslims in New Zealand in the group’s submission to the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terror attacks.

Maria Rawiri, who directs police commissioner Andrew Coster’s office, said it was an opportunity to improve cultural understanding, empathy and confidence through learning and experience.

Executive members observed evening prayers, followed by a tour of the mosque.

“The warm welcome and manaakitanga of our FIANZ hosts was very heartening,” said assistant commissioner for iwi and communities Chris de Wattignar.

“Learning about the history and present-day beliefs and practices of Islam was very informative.”

Islamic Women’s Council co-founder Rehanna Ali introduced the key beliefs, values and practices of the Islamic faith, and took questions.

“The night marked the first of many opportunities police will have to strengthen the bonds we have with the Muslim community,” de Wattignar said.

Top cops head to mosque for first crash course on Islam


  1. Seems the N.Z. govt. lost the plot, long ago…to do what’s best for all citizens, not a select few who lie about their agenda, and rule their members with fear.

    1. I recently received an angry message from a Muslim convert who called me demented, and demanded that I take down my website,, by midnight of that day. (The penalty for non-compliance was not specified.) Of course, I ignored the order, and blocked the person in every conceivable way. Since then, nothing has happened. But I am letting people know that I have been subjected to intimidation – just in case something happens to me.

      1. One thing that was useful for us, when the GCSB came knocking after March 15 blaming us for the attack, we had everything on this site already in writing, either from NZ media or published books, many by Islamic Scholars. It may be useful for you to get as much hard copy material of yoursite as possible.

      2. Sad to learn, but not surprising, as this is how they do things when living as prescribed in the Q’ran.
        Thank-you for what you do. Take care, stay safe.

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