Muslim now identifies as far-right

“She didn’t even get to speak, they didn’t even let her speak, she didn’t speak”. Today a Muslim now identifies as far-right after witnessing the horrifically violent take down of British Woman’s Right’s campaigner Posie Parker during the Auckland, New Zealand, Let Women Speak tour.

That wasn’t trans free speech, that was trans free violence, only only a medicated person cannot tell the difference.

Aisha, who looked to be in her early-20’s, was an attendee at the Let Women Speak event in Auckland’s Albert Park, and turned up expected to heard a Woman’s Right’s speech today. She told us that she’d been assaulted in her workplace while at work here in NZ, and the police took no action because it was a trans person who had assaulted her. This is a common complaint.

*his underwear. that man in Auckland wants to share a bathroom with your little girl.

Aisha, who’d travelled from outside of town for this event, said that she’d come from a country where women didn’t have any rights, and was looking forward to finally being able to celebrate being a woman in a free country after 3 years of lock down. However, after witnessing the violent take-down by NZ’s state sanctioned trade union backed trans community, she told us that she was horrified that this could happen here.

Aisha told of another immigrant friend who had had her school aged daughter taken from her care here in NZ by the government, and the school taken off her breasts without her mother’s consent.

Aisha had taken part in protests in her birth country, where the protesters knew their common enemy was the police, and she felt safe doing so. But here, she felt it was those behind you and beside you trying to physically shut you down. Now she wanted to join the far right here in NZ.

This Muslim now identifies as far-right, however, she was disappointed to learn there is no actual far-right groups here in NZ. It’s all a media make-up to get people on the governments side. Aisha understands how this government had failed immigrant women, and thinks Jacinda Ardern was bad!

Aisha said she’d be happy to be a NAZI if it mean that a woman’s voice could be heard, however the only NAZI’s in attendance were ANTIFA dressing up as what they themselves claimed were “incels”. Never have any far right described themselves as incels!

The violence here was promoted by the NZ Government minister for prevention of violence, who claims it’s only white cis men who cause violence here in NZ. The trans claimed they were exercising free speech. Yet what they exhibited was free violence, not free speech, and only one on medication or drugs cannot tell the difference between physical violence and a verbal discussion.

NZ Prime Minister Christ Hipkins (in the white teeshirt below) has also recently left his wife and kids.

Other politicians turned up ready to fight nazi’s (anyone who disagrees with them).

While trans people complain against violence against trans people, they fail to tell you the majority of violence against trans people is from other trans people while they are in a relationship with.

Posie Parkers video of the event:

Meanwhile, New Zealand trans people are celebrating Parkers departure. A foreign terrorist male who attacked Posie Parker with juice was celebrated on national TV.

New Zealand police were never going to show up in numbers to help women at this event.