Auckland terrorist retains anonymity

Yet another North Auckland terrorist retains anonymity today just weeks after earlier North Shore terrorist’s name was withheld from the public.

The pathetic excuse given as to why this Auckland terrorist retains anonymity reveals that this government knows there is nothing they can do or say to change what he believes.  Instead this government just have to hope that he doesn’t bump into anyone else who believes the Quran is the eternal words of God for all people of all time and encourages him to be a good Muslim.

The NZ media hide the thousands of Quran motivated Islamic terrorist attacks that happen around the world each year, instead encouraging them here in NZ and encouraging those “social justice warriors” who support them.

Islamic State Watch have previously openly offered for the NZ Gov’t to run a de-radicalisation programme, which would cover the same material that we used to avoid joining the then wannabe Al Qaeda here in NZ (some who have later fought overseas for ISIS) at the same time our whanau were recruited.

This from NZ herald:

The identity of a young man jailed for planning terror attacks in Auckland when he was a teenager can never be published because it could make him a target for extremist groups.

A High Court judge granted the 21-year-old permanent name suppression today, saying publication may lead to extremist groups reaching out to take advantage of the highly suggestible young man for “nefarious purposes”.

The isolated and self-radicalised teenager had planned an attack on non-Muslims in Auckland in 2021 when he was 19 years old, but was arrested by police who had been tracking him online.

His journal entries showed he had tried to carry out attacks three times – once bringing a kitchen knife to a hockey game and losing his nerve after encountering people who were nice to him.

“It was the kindness of strangers that stopped you that day,” Justice Rebecca Edwards said when sentencing him at the High Court in Auckland on March 8 to two years and three months’ jail.

Her written decision today granting the man permanent name suppression reveals he has foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), mild intellectual disability and a below-average IQ.

A court-ordered report by FASD expert Dr Valerie McGinn shows his IQ was at a level eligible for disability support services.

He also has impaired executive function, which affects his ability to reason and make sound decisions, and is easily led and influenced by others.

McGinn said he was more likely to yield to suggestion than 98 per cent of the normal population, while forensic psychologist Professor Clare Allely said this made him vulnerable to extremist groups who could contact him for “nefarious purposes”.

In her ruling, Justice Edwards said naming the young man would expose him to the “toxicity of social media” and further alienate him from society.

Public vitriol could heighten his existing risk of self-harm and push him to reoffend, she said.

His pre-sentence report showed he had sought media and internet headlines with an attack. “I would have been excited about the attention. I would have loved the attention. Everyone would know me,” he was quoted telling a probation officer.

He now wished to keep his name secret, but it would “nevertheless be perverse for publication to fulfil one of the motivating forces for the offending,” Justice Edwards said.

The reports pointed to the young man’s mental health diagnoses and history of “severe deprivation, abuse and social alienation” – all of which contributed to his offending.

His growing years were marked by drugs, negative associates and abuse by a relative.

A parent was jailed. He was bullied and struggled in school, dropping out at age 14.

He was 16 when he first took an interest in Isis (Islamic State). Police tried but failed to change his course before an undercover officer contacted him posing as an Isis sympathiser.

He had found a sense of belonging with other members of Isis, who felt like “a brotherhood of like-minded outcasts”, he said.

Shortly after the LynnMall terror attack, he told the officer he was inspired and ready to act.

He was arrested in September 2021.

Police found hundreds of Isis videos on his computer and a few he made of himself swearing allegiance to the militant Islamic group and claiming retribution against New Zealand and the West.

A court summary said he was “ready for martyrdom and will commit a terror attack after he has done more research”.