Victory: Hate speech legislation withdrawn!

Victory: Hate speech legislation withdrawn!

For almost four years, at the request of local Muslims after their March 15 event, NZ’s Labour government have been pushing for legislation against anyone openly or privately critical of Islamic propoganda to be punished for ‘hate speech’. This was part of Jacinda Arden’s global Christchurch Call, which she herself termed as a “war” on free speech.

We have made two submissions to this process. The last Human Rights Bill submission, linked here, focused solely what a total waste of time this bill would have been. Thankfully they listened.

Our first submission tried to reason for free speech. Obviously this reasoning wasn’t enough.

And we know they were listening to us.

We know this bill targeted us specifically, because the police tell us when they come and visit that they have come because someone complained about what we said on the internet!

We estimate that the NZ taxpayer has forked out over $100,000 on police visits to us so far, by the time you calculate the interview staff hours, vehicle costs, report writing costs, etc. Thankfully the government officials were always very cordial, and genuinely tried to see what the problem was. Ironically, 100% of the time, they agreed that the behaviour in the Koran, hadiths, sirah, and sharia law books sold here in NZ is not desirable for NZ society in any way.

How many millions has this government spent so far trying to protect the religion of penis from criticism?

Heavenly Ornaments p79 The most popular sharia in Pakistan, sold here in Auckland

Our previous Submission attempted to reason with the Labour government committee attempted to reason for the need for free speech.

We know how Muslims operate, we have seen what they’ve been doing all over the world for the last 1400 years. The height of irony is the world’s most populated Muslim countries only have a written Bahasa and Urdu languages because Christian missionaries needed one to translate the Bible into their language! And let’s not discuss where Arabic originated, because that will be another police visit! But Education is the key to disarming the hatred!

Prior to March 15, local Muslims had to depend on the Labour Party trade union organisers to come out and defend their honour and close down all opposition to the global Islamic agenda, as they did back in 2018.


This from the NZ Herald today:

Cabinet also agreed the Hate Speech legislation would be withdrawn and the matter would be referred to the Law Commission.

The decision allowed them to fully consider the matter which was a very difficult one, Hipkins said.

He said he was hopeful of getting cross-party support for the hate speech laws in the end.

When asked how kicking hate speech down the road saved money, Hipkins said it saved time and resources and would consume some of the Government’s focus at times when focus was needed elsewhere.

Hipkins acknowledged there was certainly an appetite for hate speech reform.

He denied he had walked away from the legislation, saying today’s move honoured commitments made in 2020 to progress reform.

Hipins said hate speech would continue to be a controversial piece of reform, which indicated why it needed to be done right.