Ardern promoting terrorism not tourism

Glorifying war and hatred is never a good thing, unless you are Jacinda Ardern. A a series of photo’s published recently catch Ardern promoting terrorism not tourism at a fashion show.

The native actors in the fashion show were carrying their traditional weapons, formerly used to avenge grievances against each other, or neighbouring tribes earned by previous generations. Although in the early 1800’s traders introduced steel farm tools in exchange for food, these were also used by the New Zealand natives to attack each other. A case was eventually made to trade guns as these would bring a quicker more humane death than leaving people with hacked off limbs to die without medical care.

It is likely that up to 20% of the native population was wiped out by these inter-generational tribal revenge wars in the decades before a treaty was negotiated between the tribes at Waitangi in 1840.

The Prime Minister’s appearance at the fashion show has been reported around the world just days after her demands that the UN back stronger censorship of the internet as part of her Christchurch Call response to Brenton Tarrants attack.

It’s highly likely that this fashion show appearance of Ardern promoting terrorism not tourism was booked to make her look more humane after the bad press she received globally from her UN speech calling for tighter regulation of online speech. The restrictions placed on New Zealander’s caused local Muslims to proclaim Ardern is a humane leader.

These WOW photo’s come just days after screenshots of a Facebook “live” by the New Zealand Prime Minister surfaced in multiple memes by drug users questioning if she was also showing signs of drug use.

a series of photos titled “when you’re having a crack day” circulated on social media.

Jacinda Ardern has previously come under flack for promoting lighter sentences for drug dealers, and giving funding to the nations largest drug dealers to run their own rehab programs. She has also been open about her use of the gateway drug cannabis previously.