Antifa mock Muslim victim

From behind their Brutal Truth NZ QWatch facebook page, some members of the NZ far left Antifa mock Muslim victim, a grieving Omar Nabi, whose father was killed in the Christchurch mosque shooting, after Nabi’s speech in Christchurch yesterday.

Omar Nabi has previously spoken about his love for his father, his grief at his loss, and concerns in an interview recorded in March last year. It is totally understandable that a brutally hurt Omar gets excited when given an audience who will listen to him pouring out his heart after the loss of his father. His audience was willing to listen to both his pain and his concern, without mocking him, which is a rare event here in New Zealand. But while he spoke Antifa can be seen yelling abuse from behind a police cordon of their counter protest yesterday.

You can see Omar’s speech outside the Christchurch court as part of the Counterspin Media live stream of yesterday linked on their website

NZ’s radical far left, after refusing to talk with Omar at their protest against him yesterday, retreated to behind their computers to launch the following attacks on one of their facebook pages which has over 4,000 followers.

many of this same online group, listed in their press release before the event, were part of the left wing Antifa based “Paparoa”, self appointed nazi hunters who formed after the Mosque attack.

Here are some of the comments:

Paul John Hunter
What the actual phuk???? Surely he is taking the piss, he can’t be serious, it’s beyond reason

Duncan Sullivan

Despicable! Using a man with mental health issues to as a prop. They have no moral compass at all.

Adele Kelly
These people sound like me when I had psychosis (I’m serious) Surely they can be detained under the mental health act?

Shells Herring
Lmao. Love how all the little stalkers pop out all triggered when you post about counterspin. They all message each other to rock on over and troll keep up the good work.

Tosh Larkin
What an incoherent rant!

A’Lotta Vageena
Omar needs to get off the drink

Pake HaMikethomas
Pastor pipe

Peter Perreaux
So Colin says Omar’s father was killed during the attack?? Is that a lie? You said he “claims” his family was personally impacted?? Is this more disinformation are you a denier of this event?

Billy Bones
Blah blah blah. Meaningless blathering.

911 WTF
Don’t they understand giving these ignorant loonies a mic makes them all look stupid

Sheena Lassen
All Omar proves is anyone can fall for conspiracy theories. All he has is his opinion, no facts.

Linda Thomas
Yeah and listening to someone dressed like a two dollar pimp with some serious mental health issues makes this more believable for the qrunterspin sycophants. Sick fugs the lot of them.

Simon Patric
Beyond repulsive.

Ryan Ogilvy
I don’t care who he lost, if you’re weird you’re weird.

Jo Hall

Omar Gawd…..think they could have got a better story pulling someone else out of the pub for a yarn…..

Logan Stewart

There are some true f**k wits in this country.

Tara McFarlane

Nasty despicable little man!!!
Inciting violence is a crime. Lock the wee phucker up and seriously throw away the keys.
Disgusting wee gobshite

Peter Middleton

This idiot want’s to be shut down.

T?rewa Te Hira

We need to implement the numbskull suppression act liable for upto 5 years in a psyche ward lol

If their comments are not “hate speech”, then what is?

Welcome to Jacinda Ardern’s New Zealand.