Antifa launches Paparoa website

Antifa launches Paparoa website

Antifa launches Paparoa website: Members of the global Antifa movement, along with support from New Zealand’s Social Justice Warriors, (members of FIANZ, Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, the NZ Government, trade unions and media) have launched the Paparoa website to promote Islam in New Zealand by specifically attacking those they perceive as opposition to the Islamic agenda: white people otherwise known as the far-right.

It should be noted that internationally, Islamic leaders and academics agree with New Zealand’s so-called “far right”.

After detailing a history of Nazi’s here in NZ, the target of their Antifa style attack was the 2018 one-man protest outside the British High Commission on Queen Street about the British Government and media cover up of Child Sexual abuse detailed in Easy Meat.

This book was written by a British journalist who detailed how British government, police, media and social workers hid decades of child sexual abuse and labelled anyone who spoke out about it as “racist”.

These one man protests only gained social media attention after a Green Party MP Golriz Ghahraman and former trade unionist Tim O’Shea turned up and started yelling “RACIST” at that one man!

A former flatmate then mentioned that the police in NZ had ignored her sister’s claims, with the same brush off as UK police used, and a small regular protest against the UK government and media cover up of child sexual abuse arose. The UK media defended the government by attacking the character of those bringing the accusations.

It turned out that NZ suffers the same issues with issues with child marriage and ritual child abuse, covered up the same way as other countries in the developed world. And the NZ media attacks the character of those bringing the accusations!

Now, in 2019, this new Antifa SJW movement “Paparoa” were blaming the Christchurch shooting on the organiser of these protests against the government and media cover up of child sexual abuse. FIANZ members and Aotearoa Maori Muslims were all over the social media of those men who were mentioned in Paparoas first article.

Death threats and official government visitors became the new norm for anyone who dared speak out against child sexual abuse or the radical Islamic agenda here in NZ.

Antifa launches Paparoa website

So why are the Antifa SJWs of New Zealand trying to cover up child sexual abuse here in New Zealand and protect the freedoms and rights of those who religiously marry children? Where does their authority to command governments and media lie?

Quran 58:20 Indeed, the ones who oppose God and His Messenger – those will be among the most humbled.

From an interview style press release:

The origin of Antifa SJWs

Over a century ago German Karl Marx attempted to create an economic system he saw was based on the Hebrew Bible while taking God out of his Jewish heritage, with Marx managing everything at the top. Control had to be seized by force. Several failed attempts to create the perfect Marxist state saw millions of workers slaughtered in the various “revolutions” throughout Eastern Europe, Russia and China, all aiming to create the perfect communist state.

After WW2 former members of the German National Socialists Workers Union (Hitlers Nazi’s) exported the Socialist message to the rest of the world via political teachings, and “Cultural Marxism” became the preferred way to remove God from society. Feminists expanded Marx’s economic policy to include sexuality; both genders are equal, and to gain equality women had to have privileges added to their rights. If gender is meaningless, then boys can be girls also.

Socialists see all religions as equal, equally unnecessary, and equally meaningless.

The Tamaki Antifa group have been particularly active in making their presence known.

Socialism is usually promoted to SJW youth by those the youth see as sexual icons, as this rally video taken over a decade ago from an International Union of Socialist Youth conference demonstrates.

SJWs are drawn to side with Islamics over Christian politically because of the sexual freedoms Islam brings, including child marriage, child prostitution, and no doubt the whole sexual slavery idea aligns with any BDSM cultists and rape fantasies that it seems many western university educated women hold.

Here in NZ the same SJWs siding with Muslims in Paparoa are the ones promoting the government policy of the GLBT sexualisation of children in our primary schools.

Auckland University feminist lecturers will say that white western men have no right to tell an Islamic girl what age she should can be married at because we “don’t understand what it’s like to be a woman”. In return NZ Muslims back and vote for the Socialist political party policy to sexualise kids and as long as the socialist government turns a blind eye to its own radical Islamic agenda.

The secret to the success of this unholy alliance between Socialists and Islamics is to frame every sharia/Quranic issue into an issue of human rights.

The freedom to practice sharia here in NZ is presented as a human rights issue, because cultural Marxism dictates that all religions are equally valid.

The Quran commands the slaughter of all who oppose sharia, starting, as is claimed, in the Holy Land itself.

Quran 9:29 Fight those who do not believe in God or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what God and His Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth [i.e., Isl?m] from those who were given the Scripture – [fight] until they give the jizyah willingly while they are humbled.

Yet the HAMAS charter is presented by SJWs here in NZ to Kiwi’s as a social justice issue, as is the Muslim conquest of north-western China by the Uyghurs after the Muslim victory in annexing the north-western part of India to form Pakistan a generation earlier.

Paparoa have openly promoted Anjum Rahman, who complained that:

“We know that there are young men that were jailed in this country for sharing Isis videos. We know that there are at least 30 or 40 men that lost their passports and right to travel and we didn’t hear or see any free speech coalition.

“We didn’t see lots of funding go to them. We didn’t see anyone jumping up to defend the right to share videos.”

The LynnMall terrorist Ahamed Aathill Mohamed Samsudeen was among those jailed at the time that she was trying to defend. Isis is ordinary Islam.

SJWs campaigning for Islamic causes here in New Zealand

Here in NZ the Government following SJWs are a much watered down version of the German Socialist Workers party.  The bulk of NZ based SJWs have come from the international socialist movements within our own universities, but they are often led by recent foreign immigrants paid as trade union employees, political types, and media personalities .

It would be wrong to make comparisons between the German Socialist Workers Party and the New Zealand Socialist workers movement, although they share similarities such as their hatred for Jews, their violent and intimidating tactics, and their willingness to work with their ideological Islamic enemies. Unlike those in Hitler’s Socialist Workers Party, many of the SJWs that comprise the New Zealand Socialist workers movement have never worked a full day in their lives.

Many of NZs current socialist leaders involved in sharing and creating the Paparoa material were involved in defending the rights of the Urewera terrorists in 2008, as this video shows.

In this screenshot, a Maori points to a picture of a Muslim telling the camera that that “is what a terrorist looks like”. The video features Joe Carolan, Valerie Morse (who was one of those charged) and other foreigners defending the rights of NZ political activists to play with guns if they want to.

Who are Antifa SJWs of New Zealand?

Those sharing the content and promoting the Paparoa website include:

Patrick Gower: Gower was the first, and only, person to “like” some of the earliest Paparoa tweets.

Gower broadcast the first “Organized Far Right” story above, resulting in the suicide of a young man whose ex partner gained child custody using Gowers broadcast as sole evidence to welfare that he was a “Nazi”.

Gowers show was instrumental in giving nationwide legitimacy to this group.

Joe Carolan: trade unionist and self styled “Socialist Aotearoa” leader fled Ireland to the other side of the world after threats on his life, to defend the use of guns by political activists in the Urewera video above. Carolan has worked ceaselessly to get anyone fired from their employment who dares to speak out against his own political agenda, as his own facebook promotional video demonstrates.

This is the same Joe Carolan who was advocating for political activists to have weapons training a decade earlier.

Another foreigner, Tim O’Shea (a.k.a. Sally Jade Jones, Kevin Morgan, etc in his various social media accounts) started his own political party “The Awareness Party” and has dozens of different social media profiles he uses to try and get his political opposition fired from their workplaces. True to the sexual identities of the political left, Tim thinks nothing of taking on a woman’s persona, complete with photos, to dialogue with opposition online.

The Awareness Party is profiled in the video above.

Tim O’Shea has claimed, both in person and online, to have been working on a database of political opponents, as this video shows him speaking about his group to a woman he had been stalking.

This was the guy who had been standing in Queen Street Auckland yelling “What’s wrong with Catholics raping Kids?” repeatedly. Here he calls himself Derek Mahoney. He never uses his real name when he is attacking anyone.

Byron Clark is another political party SJW involved in promoting Paparoa who campaigned in 2008, as a member of a workers party for Christchurch Central in the General Election, to repeal the Terrorism Suppression Act. The Paparoa community in return promote Clarks online support.

There’s also a mix of hundreds of other local Antifa types, local and government politicians and independent media who along with members of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association promote Paparoa. The Paparoa links with radical Islamics here in NZ and overseas are easily tracked with post shares. Check the list of tags at the bottom of this page for some of the radicals openly promoting Islamic Extremism here in New Zealand.

In a later article we’ll show screenshots of how the Paparoa crew are playing both sides of the news-creation fence. Their team is using fake accounts to post online hatred, death threats and Islamic superiority claims privately to “white” people, and then forwarding anonymously the replies they receive to the media. Although the bulk of those who speak out against Islam here in New Zealand are refugees and immigrants who have fled Islamic countries, none ever speak of receiving the same amount of threatening material as “white” Kiwis, possibly because they are not a threat to the Marxist agenda behind many of the actors in this drama.

[update: we have heard from one now-resident Kiwi that their overseas familys safety is under threat according to militant Muslims here in NZ, if they do speak out. This doesn’t surprise us as over a decade ago those joining the Aotearoa Maori Muslims were told they’d be killed if they ever left.]

Perhaps the strongest feature of this group is that they band together to de-platform those they attack so they are unable to defend themselves on the platforms they are attacked on.

The NZ media likewise refuse to discuss the issue of hidden child sexual abuse, either in the UK or here in New Zealand.

Why these people, often foreigners, are so eager to class those who started protesting against the UK Government and media cover up of child sexual abuse as “racist” and “Nazi” remains speculation.