First rape-gang survivor speaks out

Even as the First rape-gang survivor speaks out, there are many, even here in New Zealand, who say these things never happen. What are they trying to cover up?

Four years ago, a small group of concerned Kiwi’s were holding a silent vigil outside the British Consulate General on Queen Street in Auckland. They were standing against the continued UK government and media cover up of child sexual abuse, as detailed in the book Easy Meat.

For almost 50 years, rape complaints against well known rape gangs were being ignored as ‘racist’, or the victims as ‘deserving’, while no investigations were ever concluded. Occasionally, the raped children were prosecuted.

All rape gangs had one thing in common.

When we started this silent vigil here in Auckland, we didn’t expect opposition, but it immediately came – initially from a Green Party MP and her real estate / former trade unionist mate. Afterwards from the whole Antifa collective (young Labour/ trade unions/ Aotearoa Maori Muslims) mobilased to portray those objecting to the UK Government and media cover up of child sexual abuse as ‘racist’, thereby ensuring the message never got out.

Why was there so much objection to what started as a silent vigil against the UK government and media cover up of child sexual abuse?

Why are antifa calling people objecting to this organised coverup racist and nazi in exactly the same way as the UK media and police did?

Was it because it was happening here in New Zealand also? Roast-busters? The Wellington Musicians? Or was it closer to home?

Or is it because we still have child marriages here in New Zealand mosques also? The NZ government know about this through tracking welfare applications, yet no one is ever prosecuted for it.

Here in NZ the antifa types formed “Paparoa” to shut down any opposition to the Islamic agenda. Last week Wellington Antifa types postered the capital city with the faces of those who don’t agree with their agenda labelled as racist, nazi and conspiracy theorist’s.

Nicole, whose interview is below, was one of the British 11 year olds trapped into these UK rape gangs.

She tells her story below. You’ll notice how similar the NZ political left are.

The Rape Of Britain – Nicole’s Story