Kerala Christians Hindus boycotted halal meat

Ahead of Christmas in 2020, Kerala Christians Hindus boycotted halal meat and products saying they cannot consume meat offered to other gods. All New Zealand meat exported is Halal and financially supports the global terrorist network through the FIANZ alliance with the World Muslim League and its later iterations.

New Delhi: Ahead of Christmas, Christians in Kerala have decided to boycott Halal meat and products saying they cannot consume food item which is against their religious ethos.

Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA) will hold a protest and an awareness campaign two or three days before Christmas.

Hindu groups such as Hindu Aikya Vedi also extended its support to this protest alleging that Hindus and Christians in the state are being forced to sell Halal meat.

Anti-halal campaign bid to create division: IUML
Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) has termed this decision by CASA to boycott Halal meat a “controversy” against Muslims.

Talking to Times Now’s Vivek Karindalam Mamallapuram based IUML leader termed the anti-halal campaign as an attempt to create division among people and boycott Muslim meat shops.

The leader further said that people have the right to choose the kind of meat they want to purchase and it is also up to them from where they buy it.

Meanwhile, Christians are planning to buy their own animals and slaughter it in a non-halal manner.

The Christians have alleged that they are being forced to sell as well as buy halal meat in the state due to which they have decided to protest against the practice.

What is Halal?
Halal means lawful or permitted and refers to a dietary standard, as prescribed in the Qur’an.

While animal rights activists have said the Halal process causes unnecessary suffering to the animal, Muslims have rejected this notion saying it is designed to reduce the pain and distress that the animal suffers.

As per the rules, only a sane adult Muslim is allowed to prepare Halal meat by invoking the name of God before making the final cut.

In Sikhism, Jhatka slaughter is preferred where the animal is slaughtered by a swift uninterrupted cut which severs the head and the spine.

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