Islamic group seeks gun law change

As one of New Zealand’s principle defenders and proponents of Islamic terrorism, Anjum Rahman’s Islamic group seeks gun law change to take away the rights of Kiwi’s to live, play and farm with their traditional freedom.

It’s important to note that the Royal Commission found Tarrant, a foreigner to NZ, had been triggered by Islamic extremism that he had witnessed overseas, of which Rahman has publicly deafened New Zealand Muslims involvement with statements such as below in October 2019:

“We know that there are young men that were jailed in this country for sharing Isis videos. We know that there are at least 30 or 40 men that lost their passports and right to travel and we didn’t hear or see any free speech coalition.

“We didn’t see lots of funding go to them. We didn’t see anyone jumping up to defend the right to share videos.”

Anjum makes the point that supporting an Islamic State is normal in Islamic culture.

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Looming gun law changes have been commended by an Islamic group, slammed as “cowardly” by gun owners and dubbed “racist” by a gang.

Dozens of impassioned submissions were presented at a select committee hearing in Hamilton, before the Arms Legislation Bill is considered by the Finance and Expenditure Committee.

Firearm owners argued the Government’s rushed changes were “jumping the gun”.

But the Islamic Women’s Council say the tightening of laws will prevent more violence and trauma for vulnerable groups.

The proposed changes include a register of firearms, require a gun license to posess parts or ammunition. Health practitioners will also be able to notify police if they have concerns about a licence firearms owner’s health and a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges would be created.

Anjum Rahman spoke in support of the changes on behalf of the Islamic Women’s Council of NZ.

Racist threats, comments and physical attacks were already rife, Rahman said.

“If we add guns to the mix, what might that violence look like?”

Firearm owners making online threats should be penalised and face license disqualification, Rahman said.

She also asked people to be wary of using the Christchurch mosque attacks to justify the change in legislation.

“Doing so drives a wedge between Muslim communities and other communities, putting us at higher risk.

“I believe this legislation does stand on its own merits.

“We know there a lot of law-abiding gun owners. We know these laws will impact them in terms of more onerous requirements

“We are asking that they think of the greater good, that some individual inconveniences could lead to a prevention of trauma and harm.”

Meanwhile, the gun law changes have been labelled “racist” and undemocratic by the Waikato Mongrel Mob.

Louise Hutchinson, who manages the chapter’s PR, made the gang’s first formal submission to a select committee, supported by Paula Ormsby.

While the mob supported the law being revisited, the Government was taking shortcuts, Hutchinson said.

“Many M?ori do not understand the content of this legislation and will continue to be a stick to beat,” Hutchinson told the select committee. “[The gun laws] will essentially see M?ori being the prime targets, particularly our gang communities.

“This legislation is racist in its intent.”

But select committee member Labour MP Kiritapu Allan challenged the gang’s submission, questioning whether they were speaking on behalf of all M?ori.

“I just want to be very clear because it’s a strong allegation that you’ve made on this attempt to reform to ensure public safety … I think statistics would show, M?ori are arguably, disproportionately more likely to be the victims of gun violence.

“These provisions – which go towards enhancing the protection of citizens – would go towards protecting M?ori.

“One of the key issues with this gun law reform is about creating a register so it can track firearms as they pass through hand. Are you contending that’s racist?”

Ormsby argued it was the formal legislation process the gang were challenging.

Outside of the hearing, Hutchinson said the Government should have held hui at marae to ensure M?ori voices were heard, without having to engage with “intimidating” processes.

She told Stuff the gang had been “cooperating fully” with law changes and liaising with Waikato police.

“[Waikato Mongrel Mob] have already handed in guns.”

Meanwhile Tim Wikiriwhi argued the changes were part of an “anti-gun era being foisted onto our country by the government”.

“The cowardly way the Government has behaved has prove that the terrorist has won.

Others told the committee they feared family heirlooms would be confiscated.

Firearm user and mother Krystal Anderson worried firearm owners wouldn’t seek help for mental health issues.

“I believe that doctors having to report patient’s personal information would be more detrimental than beneficial. Many with depression, like myself, may be worried about seeking treatment for fear of losing their license in sport.”

Zac Dodunski said he’d been raised on a farm that had been in his family since prior to WWI.

“As a rural lad I’ve been around firearms since I was young.”

He argued that with the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the March 15 attack still underway, the law changes were “metaphorically jumping the gun.”


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  1. Sharing videos is violence. So because sharing videos is violence, having guns is also violence. Let’s remove violence, and the right to self defence and freedom of speech, after all, who needs guns and speech apart from terrorists?
    Free speech is very important, all of the success of the West comes from free speech. Suppression of free speech and suppression of rights in general, like gun rights, is oppression. Honesty is important. It’s important that all know that Islam is false, Allah is imaginary, Koran is nonsense and lies, and Muhammad was one of the most evilest of men ever to have lived. Muslims are the first victims of Islam, and Islam causes Muslims to use guns and bombs to do violence. Why? Because Muhammad demanded violence of his followers, to suppress free speech, to suppress the rights of others, to destroy others. Everything the West is for, is opposed by Islam. For more, see:

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