She’s right! There’s NO difference between gang members and those aiding terrorists spread sharia!

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The Mongrel Mob’s new media liaison officer has equated the victims of the Christchurch mosque attack to the Hamilton chapter of the gang.

Louisa Hutchinson made the startling comparison on Tuesday night’s episode of The Project.

Hutchinson moved to Hamilton the same day as the Christchurch mosque attack. She says she was inspired to take up work for the notorious gang after witnessing what she describes as the “love and compassion they had for the Muslim community”.

Hutchinson goes on to explain to The Project co-host Kanoa Lloyd that she sees similarities between the gang and the Muslim community in Christchurch.

“They understand what it means to be disenfranchised, to be targeted, to be marginalised,” Hutchinson says.

Responding to a question by Tuesday night’s fourth host Jason Gunn on how doing PR for the Mongrel Mob actually worked, Hutchinson described the environment as ‘informal’.

She said her main goal was to “make people understand it’s (the mob) not a community they need to be afraid of”.

“New Zealanders would really be blown away if they truly understood what went on here,” Hutchinson claimed.

Referencing the negative media attention the Mongrel Mob has received over its 57-year history, Hutchinson blamed misinformation that has been spread by both the media and politicians.

“What’s rolled out in the media, what the politicians say, is not what is happening,” she said.

Regardless, the New Zealand police classify the Mongrel Mob as a criminal organisation, with the gang being involved in a number of cases of murder, robbery, drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, extortion, assault, theft and money laundering.

Mongrel Mob PR compares gang members to mosque attack victims