Destiny Church’s Hannah Tamaki calls for ban on new mosques.

Last election the Conservative Party were the only party to have a No Sharia Law policy in writing. This next election they will have some competition.

Destiny Church’s Hannah Tamaki has been campaigning on cuts to immigration since her party launched. Photo / Mike Scott

Destiny Church leader Hannah Tamaki’s political party says it will ban new “mosques, temples and other foreign buildings of worship” if elected.

Vision NZ – which had to change its name after its original suggestion, the Coalition Party, was rejected by election authorities – has made the promise in an inflammatory announcement railing against multiculturalism.

It’s the latest in a series of anti-immigration comments made by the party.

In a press release titled “They are not us”, Tamaki – the wife of controversial preacher Brian Tamaki – criticised the New Zealand First Party for not cutting migration enough and said her party would do so.

“I do not believe there is room in our society to allow for parallel cultures, faith or customs,” she said.

“I promise to put Kiwis first and immediately stop the phony Indian marriage scheme before proceeding to bring an immediate stop to all further mosques, temples and other foreign buildings of worship being erected in our country.”

The comment refers to a stoush between NZ First MP Shane Jones and the Indian community after he criticised those complaining about a tightening of rules by Immigration New Zealand that has become a problem for those in arranged marriages.

Earlier this year, Tamaki called for migration to be cut down to 2000 people annually, in an interview during which she said she didn’t know what the number of net migrants was.

The party’s campaign manager Jevan Goulter was accused of racism last month, after he described immigrants as “people fleeing from their own countries they have managed to destroy due to lack of values”.

Destiny Church’s Hannah Tamaki calls for ban on new mosques

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