Muslim leaders to assemble in NZ

FIANZ, who first introduced terrorist entities to NZ 40 years ago, will hold the largest gathering to celebrate the Christchurch shooting of the worlds top Muslim leaders to assemble in NZ. The Federation of Islamic Associations in NZ has released a status report, which examines the Government’s response to the March 15 terror attack, and details FIANZ’s plans to capitalise on this event for the future.

The report details that “A huge international response was forthcoming over the immediate days following the attack and FIANZ was required to participate in, and liaise with a number of visiting leaders and scholars including representatives from: Saudi Arabia (Official Delegation), Turkey (Official Delegation), Qatar (Official Delegation), Jordan (Official Delegation), USA, Australia (Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane). Liaison was also provided for international diplomatic representatives from Pakistan, Egypt, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Noticeably missing form their official guest list was delegations from India, Fiji, and NZ’s largest trading partner, Indonesia.

Although this will be one of the largest groups of Muslim leaders to assemble in NZ, they will not address what the NZ media have revealed was the root cause for the Christchurch shooting that killed 51 people in March 2019, nor have they scrubbed Islamic sites of the propaganda that triggered Tarrant to target NZ. Nothing will be said or done to stop the daily Islamic terror suffered by millions of minority faith people in Islamic countries around the world.

The irony is that there has never been a time when more muslims are gaining an education and reading the life of their prophet for themselves (available here) and finding out he’s not the blessed one their imams claim him to be. Even his child bride Aisha claimed the revelations were a matter of “It seems to me that your Lord hastens to satisfy your [sexual] desire”, and that was from the highest authorized source of his life!

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  1. What about all the Christians that are slaughtered OSeas, no word of sympathy for them from the Muslum World, total silence even from the NZ PM or Peters, strange really,

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