Why is this NZ chocolate company hiding their Halal certification from NZ consumers?

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Why is this NZ chocolate company hiding their Halal certification from NZ consumers?

by SB on October 7, 2016 at 11:30am

Companies in New Zealand are forced to tell consumers exactly what is in their products. I can pick up a product and at a glance see how much sugar or salt it has and whether or not it may contain traces of nuts. Most chocolate companies are now Halal certified apart from Lindt but not all of them are up-front about it. I want to be able to choose to not give them my money and as a consumer, I believe that I have the right to know if a company submits to Halal certification.

It appears that local chocolate maker Whittaker’s is failing to put the Halal symbol on their chocolate when it is sold in New Zealand. I do not think that this is acceptable. What do you think?

In the facebook, exchange below they appear to avoid addressing the issue.


Cadbury Chocolate is Halal certified but that did not stop them angering Muslim consumers in Indonesia when the Malaysian Health Ministry found traces of pork DNA in its products.

Whittakers chocolate is Halal certified apart from their alcohol-infused rum and raisin bars.

In New Zealand there is a facebook page dedicated to revealing all the products in New Zealand that are Halal Certified so that consumers like me who object to them can choose to spend their money elsewhere.

I understand why New Zealand companies cannot resist the allure of the lucrative Muslim market overseas but if they are not ashamed of what they are doing then the Halal symbol should be displayed prominently on packaging for the New Zealand market. We have the right to make an informed choice. If they are prepared to submit to Halal certification to gain the mighty Muslim dollar then they should equally be prepared to lose the non-Muslim dollar if customers like me do not want their money going towards building Mosques, religious indoctrination or terrorism.

*On a side note, criticising halal certification in Australia has led to people being sued for defamation by the powerful and well-funded Mohammed Elmouelhy of the Halal Authority of Australia. Just like with CAIR in America this powerful and wealthy Australian is using legal jihad to try to silence opposition and to further the aims of Islam.